Cover Photo: Courtesy of Kenichi Fujimoto

Chef Kenichi Fujimoto only makes 30 portions of the futomaki and barachirashi sashimi bowl each day

In a time where dining out is limited in scope and mostly discouraged, what is a foodie to do? Of course, there are plenty of brilliant takeaway and delivery options out there, from ready-to-eat feasts to fine dining level plate-it-yourself packs, but those looking for an exclusive Instagram-ready meal from one of the city’s best restaurants might want to start sliding into sushi chef Kenichi Fujimoto’s DMs.

Sushi Saito at the Four Seasons Hong Kong is the famed two-Michelin-starred branch of the three-starred Tokyo original; like its counterpart, it is notoriously difficult to book and, with Covid-19, even more so with the issue of social distancing in an already small sushi bar. While a dinner omakase with sake and service will easily set you back over HK$4,000 per person, and the “homakase” where Sushi Saito chefs will come bring the sushi bar to you for even more, the takeaway offerings include relatively more wallet-friendly offerings for those wanting a taste of sushi royalty.

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These include the thick futomaki priced at HK$680, which is filled with kanpyo (pickled gourd), tamago (omelette), kurumaebi (Japanese tiger prawn), anago (sea eel) and morokyuri (pickled cucumber) and the barachirashi, a normally workaday rice bowl topped with odds and ends—at Sushi Saito, the luxurious barachirashi is topped with kanpyo, anago, kohada (gizzard shad), kurumaebi, tako (octopus), awabi (abalone), akami (lean tuna), uni (sea urchin), tamago and yuzu zest. Both are crafted using a mixture of two types of rice, sourced from Nagano and Akita, Fujimoto tells us. In addition, the vinegar they use is a sharp, light red variety known as kohaku, to contrast with the richer fish.

The futomaki and barachirashi are both available for pick-up at the Four Seasons Hong Kong restaurant from 12:00pm to 5:00pm daily—you can call the restaurant on +852 2527 0811, WhatsApp +852 6031 6773 or message Fujimoto directly for orders, but be forewarned that they’ve been selling out days in advance already, as they only make 30 portions of each every day. Anything for the ‘gram, though.

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