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Where do you go to indulge in the latest alternative protein available in the market?

First, there was Beyond Meat and later on, Impossible Meat. Now, Tindle has arrived; it is the latest plant-based chicken alternative that will be available in selected restaurants across the island from tomorrow (March 18). Ahead of its much-awaited launch, some of our talented chefs had been busy experimenting in the kitchen to create mouth-watering dishes that showcase the alternative protein’s delicious flavours and texture that closely resemble real poultry. From burgers to pies, here are some of the must-try creations starring your new favourite sustainable ingredient: Tindle.     

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1. Three Buns

Adam Penney, the group executive chef of Three Buns, admitted to Tatler Dining that “sustainability is in our DNA”, and that’s why he’s been a champion of plant-based meat alternatives. One of his latest creations is From Russia with Love, a burger inspired by Chicken Kiev which uses Tindle instead of real. For the alternative protein, it comes as a patty that can easily be moulded around the stuffing of miso, parsley and butter. It’s breaded and deep-fried to a golden finish before it’s slathered with truffle aioli and served within toasted brioche buns.

Three Buns Quayside | 60 Robertson Quay, S(238252) | 6909 7838

2. Adda

The use of the plant-based chicken spans various cuisines, as showcased in chef-owner Manju Mural’s butter Tindle pot pie. “I wanted to create an Indian version of it to uplift Indian cuisine,” he enthused, and his rendition is made by marinating the mock protein in ginger-garlic masala for four to five hours and cooking it in the tandoor oven. This is further enriched with the addition of tomato honey makhana sauce, which is poured inside the pot, sealed with masala crust and cooked to perfection.

Adda | 7500E Beach Road, 01-201 Diners Building, S(199595) | 8922 3679

3. Empress

“Lemon chicken dish is an already popular traditional Cantonese dish,” explains chef Ricky Leung, and he wanted to bring back the nostalgia with his sesame-crusted lemon Tindle. He prepares it the same way as he would make the classic dish, first by marinating the ‘chicken’ in a mix of kaffir lime leaves, coriander powder and seasoning. The next step is to wrap it with beancurd skin strips before deep-frying it to get that desired crunchy texture. It’s served with lemon sauce for a balance of sweet and savoury, which he further enhances with the addition of sesame seeds for some nutty taste.

Empress | 1 Empress Place, 01-03 Asian Civilisations Museum, S(179555) | 6776 0777

4. 28 HongKong Street

The acclaimed bar is known for pairing its cocktails with American comfort food made from scratch, and one if its signatures which has been on the menu for more than five years is the chicken and waffle. The 2021 version uses the mock chicken, prepared by steeping it in a spice mix similar to fajita seasoning, soaking it in tarragon buttermilk with homemade Old Bay seasoning, and double coating it with seasoned spiced flour. To achieve a crunchy exterior, it’s deep-fried and finished in the oven. Served with the usual waffles and maple butter syrup.   

28 HongKong Street

Clarke Quay/ Boat Quay

5. The Goodburger

The Instagram famous food truck has joined the plant-based bandwagon with its own Southern-style crispy fried Tindle, What the Cluck. Its mouth-watering burger comprises “chicken” patty that is stacked with cheese, crunchy pickles and a special house-made sauce that adds a garlicky kick. Find out where the food truck will be here.

6. Levant

The restaurant’s Tindle Chicken Manakish takes cues from the traditional Manakish (also known as Levantine Pizza). It’s essentially pita bread slathered with harissa sauce and sprinkled with toppings of Tindle chicken (fried for a brief minute), akkawi cheese, house-made za'atar spice mix, creamy avocado, tahini and rainbow gomasio (sesame salt). It’s given a citrusy lift with a light zest of Amalfi lemon.

Levant | 33 Tras Street, S(078972) | 6304 3298

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