Cover The Autumn menu includes hearty Italian dishes such as the Nonna’s Baked Capriccio (Image: Pasta Bar)

With the changing of the season, the culinary team has put forward a special menu that spotlights the beautiful produce during this time of the year

Singapore may not have four seasons, but gourmands will still be able to taste the beautiful produce available in autumn thanks to local chefs who continuously spotlight these in their ever-changing menus.

At Pasta Bar, the culinary team has come up with a thoughtfully-curated repertoire of contemporary dishes showcasing Italy’s seasonal produce such as fennel, pumpkin and truffles. The delectable menu comprises starters, their signature pastas and mains, as well as desserts made using classic Italian recipes, but, of course, tweaked to suit the modern palate. Here are three dishes to order:

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1. Sashimi Grade Hamachi Tuna Crudo

There’s no better way to whet the appetite than with this Italian take on sashimi. Jam-packed with bright and citrusy flavours, chef Darren’s rendition features pristine slices of sashimi-grade Hamachi (yellowtail) that have been marinated in a mixture of fennel, salt, sugar and blood orange zest to accentuate the ocean-fresh flavours. The acerbic notes are pared down with a sprinkle of blood orange oil and black sea salt, making for a well-rounded appetiser that prepares the palate for the heartier dishes to come.

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2. Pumpkin Tortelli

Nothing spells comfort food more than tortelli, a variety of stuffed pasta hailing from Emilia Romagna in northern Italy. Naturally, at Pasta Bar, these morsels are handmade daily and to showcase the season’s best harvest, and are stuffed with the sweetest pumpkin puree which has been roasted and mingled with onion, star anise, cloves and cinnamon. Chef Darren cooks the tortelli expertly so they remain al dente, then bathe them in a luscious butter and sage sauce for extra indulgence.

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3. Zeppole

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with zeppole, which are essentially fried doughnuts stuffed with various filling. At Pasta Bar, these light and fluffy orbs are stuffed with decadent chocolate and mascarpone pastry cream that satiates your sweet tooth without being cloying. Everything is better with ice cream, so the version here is accompanied by a milk- and orange-flavoured gelato and finished with a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce.

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