Nikkei brings their signature luxury touch to their Peruvian-Japanese cuisine with these two elegant dishes.

At Nikkei, there’s always an appetite for something new. In the city’s favourite Peruvian-Japanese restaurant, the kitchen is always brimming with creativity - a talent that continually rouses new cravings onto the menu.

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The haunt's newly launched small plates showcase their passion for innovation, packing big flavour and refined techniques into these petite plates. The unagi foie gras pairs sensational unagi kabayaki with foie gras terrine, producing a must-try decadent delight. Its richness is skillfully cut with shari rice, nori, and unagi orange gastric juice, making for a perfectly balanced dish. 

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The new black cod in honey miso also offers a deep dive into deliciousness. In this main dish, the prized fish is charcoal-grilled to perfection, inviting a smokiness that playfully mingles with the sweetness of its honey-miso marinade. 

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