Cover Skip the smart rice cooker and try a fully automated robot kitchen instead (Photo: Courtesy of Moley Robotics)

You’ve tried private chefs and smart kitchen devices but what about a fully automated robot kitchen that’ll make gourmet meals by itself?

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Skip the smart kitchen devices and install the new up-and-coming gadget instead—an all-in-one robot kitchen. From operating the stovetop, to pouring and mixing ingredients and finding the right cookware, a fully automated robot kitchen can help masterfully prepare meals with the precision and skills of a private chef, cooking up your favourite dinners in the comfort of your own home. 

Introduced by Moley Robotics, the Moley kitchen helps homeowners prepare and cook meals with a simple touch of a finger—all you have to do is install a pair of overhead robotic arms that hang from the kitchen ceiling. Equipped with optimal cameras and sensors, the arms navigate around the kitchen through the ceiling-integrated rail system, helping it slide back and forth to reach its bespoke pots and pans, smart appliances and cooktop that were specially designed to work with the Moley robot hands.

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Wondering what’s on the menu? With plans on compiling more than 5,000 recipes from chefs, homeowners are able to choose meals on a touchscreen according to their diet choices and preferences. The chef's cooking process is recorded via 3D recording, and the system translates their movements into digital motions for the robot arms to replicate afterwards. If you’ve got a special recipe in mind, you can also record your own recipes using Moley’s creator software and it will be able to recreate the meal afterwards.

However, this luxurious robot kitchen comes with a hefty price tag. On top of the robot arms, the Moley kitchen requires an installation of appliances, cabinets and tools that can be custom designed. Depending on the type of materials you choose, the price will vary (marble countertops or gold-coated utensils, anyone?). According to Moley, a premium installation package will set you back approximately US$340,000 (HK$2,646,475). 

There’s no denying that the Moley kitchen is an investment piece, but if you want to simplify your everyday cooking routine, or if you’re looking for a home cooking option that’ll give you more privacy than a private chef, perhaps it’s time to give robots a try. 

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