Cover Apple has certified a selection of devices compatible with its smart home system, Apple HomeKit

For iOS users, the Apple Homekit is one of the most straightforward systems to master when it comes to creating a smart home

Smart home systems can help provide added convenience in your home; and creating your own smart home is more accessible than ever given the range of devices and systems in the market. 

Apple’s HomeKit is perhaps one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use smart home systems for Apple users. The tech giant’s smart home platform allows you to connect compatible devices through the Home app for iOS. Once connected, the HomeKit-enabled accessories can also be operated with Apple's voice assistant Siri. 

The draw of Apple’s HomeKit lies in its simplicity. While the Homekit isn’t as compatible with as many devices as its competitors, Apple’s focal point isn’t on quantity; security and reliability are the main focus for the tech giant's tight control over devices certified to be compatible with HomeKit. 

That said, there are still an assortment of devices currently compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, ranging from decorative light panels to a smart security camera. Read more in our list below:

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1. Apple TV 4K

The new Apple TV 4K is revolutionary for its true-to-life picture and sound brought to you by the double frame rate for high dynamic range videos. Besides delivering crisp resolution with dynamic detail, the smart device also pairs seamlessly with the Apple HomeKit. It could also be designated as a central Home Hub to control your other HomeKit appliances. Apple’s smart framework system also allows you to use Siri to trigger certain actions, even when you’re away from home.

2. Nanoleaf Shapes lighting panels

Create a colourful abode with innovative color changing light panels that double as statement wall art. Versatile and functional, these modular smart lighting pieces from lighting company Nanoleaf can be styled and customised to your liking. The LED light panels offer more than 16 million colour options for you to instantly change the ambience of any room within your abode.

Besides the spectrum of colours available, the light panels also offer multi-sensory functions such as touch control, where you can control the lights by tapping on the panels themselves, and music visualiser, which transforms your room into a party as your lights automatically dance to the beat. When integrated with the Apple HomeKit, the light panels can also seamlessly control all of your HomeKit-enabled devices. Tapping a light panel, for example, will not only change the light colour but also bring your smart speaker and television to life.

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3. Logitech Circle View security camera

Developed exclusively for the Apple HomeKit, this wired security camera from tech giant Logitech helps tighten your home’s security with its innovative features. The combination of its 180 degrees field-of-view glass optics, enhanced infrared night vision capability and high-end sensor offer crisp levels of clarity and detail during playbacks.

The camera is designed with privacy in mind. Besides end-to-end encryption to prevent security leaks, the camera also offers a hidden button at the rear to disable streaming and recording completely. Activity detected by the weather-resistant camera is analysed by your home hub which will promptly notify you of any unusual activity or motion.

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4. Wemo Mini Smart Plug

A nifty smart plug is perfect for controlling several home appliances effortlessly. The HomeKit-enabled plug from home electronics manufacturer Wemo offers innovative support that allows you to remotely control appliances such as lamps, heaters, and fans through the Apple Home app.

Simply connect compatible devices to the plug and insert into an electrical outlet. The sleek plug, designed as a space-saving feature to allow for flexibility, also allows you to use voice commands through Siri to control the various devices attached to the plug.

5. Linksys Velop AX4200 mesh wifi system

A mesh wifi system helps provide stronger network coverage around the house and is easily expandable through additional nodes. The Linksys Velop AX4200 device combines mesh technology with WiFi 6, the latest generation in wifi technology, to offer a reliable connection throughout every corner of your home. The larger wifi capacity also allows the network to handle more mobile data while streaming from several smart home devices simultaneously.

The HomeKit-compatible device allows you to control the nodes through the Home app on your iOS devices. With Apple HomeKit, you can improve the network security options, manage the devices allowed to connect to the wifi system, and even prioritise and select your choice of connected device that is able to use the most WiFi.

6. Eve Button remote

If you’re not a fan of fiddling with various controls and apps, the Eve remote button is an ideal gadget for you. The compact device allows you to control and command your accessories effortlessly by allowing you to customise your smart home system right down to the finest detail.

Command your connected appliances via three simple actions—a single press, double press and long press—which can also be used to automate and set specific scenes throughout your abode.

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