JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurant Man Ho has finally reopened after an extensive four-month revamp – and the results are most definitely worth the wait

As part of the hotel’s 30th anniversary celebrations, the much-loved restaurant has received a stunning top-to-toe makeover, with sophisticated new interiors that perfectly complement Executive Chinese Chef Jayson Tang’s reinvented menu of refined Cantonese dishes.

Man Ho’s elegant new aesthetics are inspired by a classic Chinese garden, with a harmonious interplay of marble, wood and metallic elements balanced against beautiful water and flower motifs. A tranquil water fountain with lotus sculptures sets the mood at the dining room’s main entrance, with a traditional wooden moon gate – which represents an auspicious blessing in Chinese culture.

Moving inside, the restaurant’s interior features a pair of exquisite handmade Chinese cloisonné enamel walls depicting spring and autumn with camellia blossoms and maple leaves, alongside bespoke marble moon gate screens and carved wooden panels finished with hand-painted floral designs. Magnificent chandeliers crafted from over 6,000 pieces of champagne gold-tinted glass cascade from the ceilings, whilst the delicate blue and grey hues of the restaurant’s carpet are deliberately evocative of a water lily pond – artistic flourishes that further enhance Man Ho’s graceful ambience.

Of course, Man Ho’s renovation doesn’t stop merely at its décor; its menu has also received a sprinkling of new culinary magic, courtesy of Executive Chinese Chef Jayson Tang. Chef Tang’s distinctive cuisine offers an innovative yet authentic take on traditional Chinese cooking, delivering a fresh, vibrant take on Cantonese classics.

As a Hong Kong native, chef Tang is proud to showcase local culinary culture in his latest creations – including nostalgic recipes passed down the generations and the finest seasonal ingredients harvested from the city itself, such as vegetables and herbs grown on local farms. The result? A timeless menu that celebrates much-loved flavours, given a contemporary update thanks to thoughtfully-sourced sustainable produce, refined technique and creative flair.

This philosophy is winningly showcased by Man Ho’s brand new tasting menu, which features several of chef Tang’s most exciting signature dishes – including his fresh fish soup, a tribute to Hong Kong’s renowned fishing culture. A symphony of fresh seafood, this nourishing soup is made fresh daily from garoupa bones and carp fish, and contains a rich medley of fish maw, clams, dried shrimp and sliced bean curd to produce a beautifully deep, complex flavour.

Another highlight from the tasting menu is chef Tang’s steamed egg with flathead lobster, dried fish roe and saffron. This luxurious take on familiar Cantonese flavours sees the lobster poached in oil and placed atop the silky steamed egg, which is served in a sumptuous chicken and saffron broth; slightly salty dried fish roe is then shaved onto the dish at your dining table, adding a touch of tableside theatrics – and an extra dimension of flavour.

Needless to say, no great Chinese restaurant is complete without great dim sum – and Man Ho has some delicious new additions here too. Painstakingly folded into the shape of goldfish, their steamed garoupa and coriander dumplings are certain to become an Instagram favourite, with a delicately balanced filling that combines premium minced tiger garoupa, umami-rich crab roe and fragrant coriander.

Chef Tang’s appetiser trio is another must-order, and features delightfully succulent char siu that has been roasted to perfection, Chiu Chow-style marinated cuttlefish given a tangy twist with preserved vegetables, and a crispy suckling pig and homemade foie gras sandwich, inspired by Hong Kong-style toasts.

Combining sophisticated stylish design and a revitalised menu bursting with culinary fireworks, Man Ho’s revamp cements its reputation as one of the city’s ultimate destinations for embarking on an authentic and creative Cantonese culinary journey.

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