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Unlisted Collection’s founder Loh Lik Peng is your authority for all things food and drink related. Here are four of his top picks from Singapore’s Chinatown

Chinatowns are found in many cities around the world, but Singapore’s very own stands out. Initially established as an enclave for the city's early Chinese settlers, it’s since developed into a bustling neighbourhood that melds the old and new.

From historical architecture to quaint shops and colourful murals, Chinatown offers much to see and do. This extends to Singapore’s national pastime of obsessing over good food, of course—the neighbourhood has a vibrant dining and bar scene, and is home to various Michelin-starred restaurants and World’s and Asia’s Best Restaurants and Bars. With myriad options available, picking one—or even a few—could be a challenge. With the help of restaurateur and hotelier (and avid foodie) Loh Lik Peng, we've picked four top choices to get you started, whether you live in Singapore or are a tourist visiting as the country reopens its borders.


Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2022 - No. 56

Euphoria is Chef Jason Tan’s platform to showcase his latest, refined iteration of Gastro-Botanica, the cuisine he had developed around botanicals ranging from vegetables to herbs and spices. Meats and seafood are still prominently featured within the restaurant’s menu, but what’s special here is how essences created from botanical sources are used to create sauces that depart from the five traditional mother sauces in French cuisine. Infused with Asian ingredients and flavours, Chef Jason’s cuisine seamlessly blends influences from the East and West, with a uniquely Singaporean twist informed by his local roots.

The must-try at Euphoria is Oignon Jamboree, which combines five different forms of the onion—onion parfait, onion puree, pickled onions, onion broth and spring onion oil—into a smorgasbord of tastes and textures. The dish is both culinary creativity at its finest, and a challenge of one’s assumptions about the humblest of ingredients.

Euphoria, 76 Tras Street S(079015),

Jigger & Pony

World's 50 Best Bars 2021 - No. 9
Asia's 50 Best Bars 2022 - No. 2

Since 2012, Jigger & Pony has been serving a curated range of classic cocktails—with its own twist on each one. Hidden behind a door at the end of a narrow passageway, almost speakeasy-like, it sports a warm, expansive interior that matches the relaxed hospitality its team delivers.

The bar, which takes its name from the device used to measure and pour out spirits, also has a unique ‘menu-zine’ that gives a glimpse of the history of their cocktails, methods of preparation and musings on the Asian cocktail scene and beyond.

The next time you’re there, give the Espresso Martini a go. Built using espresso from a special blend developed with local coffee roaster PPP Coffee, it boasts a perfectly balanced palate with incredible mouthfeel.

Jigger & Pony, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road S(088539), +65 9621 1074

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Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 – No. 92 (new entry)
Awarded 1 Michelin Star in 2021

Chef Mano Thevar’s namesake restaurant reflects his culinary experiences: traditional Indian cuisine from the Malay Peninsula interpreted through a lens of modernity while also reflecting European culinary techniques. The result is food that’s intimately familiar for locals who have grown up with these flavours, yet different enough to invite exploration and discovery. Aiming to break staid notions of fine dining, Thevar encourages communal feasting where you can dress casually and still indulge in the innovative culinary fare.

Take the familiar tandoori lamb rack, for instance. Chef Mano’s version is a delightful interplay between puy lentil sambar and Goan hot sauce, with the option to be served with his delectable coriander rumali roti. These are familiar ingredients, but they accentuate and play off each others’ notes in unexpected ways for a complex, multilayered dining experience—and mind you, this is just a single dish. Come prepared when you dine at Thevar, because you’ll discover just how the simplest spices and ingredients can, with creativity backed by a deft touch, be so much more.

Thevar, 9 Keong Saik Road S(089117), +65 9750 8275

No Sleep Club

World's 50 Best Bars 2021 - No. 26 (new entry)
Asia's 50 Best Bars 2022 - No. 15

From its humble beginnings as a four-seater bar on Club Street, No Sleep Club is now a rising star on Singapore’s bar scene. The bar oozes cool and offers more than just cocktails, with coffee and food also on the menu.

Need suggestions for drinks? Order the 3 Lime Vodka Soda if it’s available. This cocktail has been a staple since No Sleep Club was first established, but gets rotated off the menu periodically due to how prep-heavy it is. Built with three lime varieties (lime, calamansi and kefir), the drink also features two different kinds of hops, with carbonation to keep things fizzy for a longer period of time. Consider this the marriage between the two most ordered drinks in bars: vodka soda and beer.

Be sure to make your reservations early—No Sleep Club has a day-to-night concept, but quickly becomes packed once evening sets in.

No Sleep Club, 20 Keong Saik Rd S(089127), +65 8838 0188

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