The local online grocer has the first carbon-neutral fleet in Singapore

Earth is our home and it is becoming increasingly important to take care of our plant, so it is heartening to see that more and more F&B businesses are doing their part for climate change. Enter homegrown online food grocer Sasha's Fine Foods, which is the first in Singapore to have a carbon-neutral fleet. For over a year, the company had calculated the CO2 impact of its delivery fleet and invested in carbon offsetting projects globally to remove the same amount of carbon emissions it uses.

That said, the company has already reduced 88 per cent of its carbon footprint from New Zealand by importing 80 per cent of its products via sea freight—without any impact on the quality. And the team is currently looking at using the same business model for other countries, starting with Australia, to further reduce its negative impact on the planet.

At the centre of its business is the variety of foods, of course, which are sourced from ethical producers and farmers that founder and director Sasha Conlan personally visited pre-Covid period.

“We provide a compelling range from the people we trust who have full traceability of products," explains Conlan, and these include sashimi-grade salmon fresh, local organic chicken, and a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, these are packed in biodegradable delivery bags and are delivered carbon-free to your doorstep. So if you're looking for a local grocer with sustainable practices, Sasha's Fine Foods could be your answer.