Cover Earl grey ice cream with deep fried cookie dough balls (Image: Kindred Folk)

Known for its artisanal ice creams, owner Cheryl Cheong has expanded the business to include personalised event services such as birthday parties and weddings too

Kindred Folk was borne out of chef-owner Cheryl Cheong’s love for sweets. “I’ve always had a sweet tooth and have loved desserts since I was young,” she recalls, adding that her mum, Dolly Cheong, often baked simple muffins and cookies for the family when she was a child.

She inherited this passion for baking, digging up her mum’s recipe books and whipping up simple brownies, cookies as well as cupcakes, which she started selling online and through bake sales by the age of 15. “It gave me great joy to see people enjoy the food I made. To have people ask me if they could pay me to bake was also a confidence booster,” she lets on. That was when she realised that this was what she wanted to do for a living.

Established in 2017, the cosy café at King Albert Park is the culmination of the self-taught chef’s dreams and hard work. While she learned from experimenting in the kitchen as well as watching cooking and baking shows, she has come up with her own menu of pasta dishes, tea snacks and finger foods.

As for her signature artisanal ice creams, she started dabbling in it two years before opening the café and found it enjoyable. Plus, she affirms that they’re as decadent as other types of dessert but not as filling.

That's why she enrolled in a short ice cream and gelato course to “learn the science behind creating ice cream recipes” and hasn’t stopped creating imaginative flavours that appear on her menu. Currently, she has 18 varieties on display but adds one or two more options if there are special occasions like Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Popular favourites include earl grey and rum and raisin. Inspired by her love for earl grey milk tea, the aforementioned was created using her own blend of tea leaves. “The flavour this has achieved is just amazing—refreshing and creamy at the same time”.

The latter is loaded with rum, as her loyal customers know. In fact, she shares how she stays up until “3am or some odd hour” because she needs to soak the raisins for a certain number of hours to achieve the precise flavour she’s aiming for. “It’s a labour of love and the result is well worth it.”

Her ice creams have become so popular that she has expanded the business to cater to events across the island: birthday parties, weddings as well as corporate functions. In fact, last year, she was one of the food partners at T.Dining’s Best Restaurants 2018/19 awards ceremony where guests enjoyed her artisanal creations.

What about this year? Well, she’s working with the culinary team at Japanese restaurant Haru-Yoshi to create bespoke flavours that will be part of their dessert menu.

She has also teamed up with a third-party provider that will deliver ice cream islandwide—making it even easier to enjoy Kindred Folk’s sweet treats no matter where you are in Singapore.

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