The award-winning Chinese restaurant is set to delight the eyes with its renovated interiors and palate with its sumptuous dishes.

Visiting Four Seasons Hotel’s acclaimed restaurant is like taking a step back in time to the Jiang Nan province in China. You’ll easily feel it with its recently renovated décor that displays elements of the old fishing village, from the rough fisherman baskets hanging from the ceiling, intricate wood carvings on the walls and colourful ceramic floor tiles and carpet that symbolise the Yangtze river.

Jiang Nan-Chun Signature Peking duck

Inspired by “the principle of enjoyment and happiness”, the concept is also reflected on menu where the chefs showcase the best Cantonese dishes to keep you full and satisfied. Its pride and glory is the signature Jiang Nan Chun Peking duck, which is specially roasted in a mesquite oven to get that succulent meat and crispy skin. The huge duck, which can feed more than five people, is served tableside with the chef displaying his skills in carving the meat. You can eat it on its own; or better yet, wrap it in pancake (which comes in two flavours), dab the meat with sugar, add in the cucumber slices and homemade sauce. What makes this version even more indulgent is that it comes with an extra ingredient — caviar.

Dim sums

Other than the duck, the restaurant is also famous for other offerings — most notably its dim sum. Browse through the menu and you’ll find endless choices which range from the classics to the contemporary ones. But to give you a range of what they can do, order the crisp puff pastry with black pepper beef, made with 17 layers of crispy skin that hide the flavourful beef cubes; as well as the char siew sliders made with mantou buns that envelop the thick but melt-in-your-mouth kurobuta pork and pickled green chillies. Last but not least is the steamed shrimp dumpling with eryngii mushrooms, which looks like your average dim sum but leaves a lasting impression on your palate.

Sea whelk, maka, dried scallops and pork ribs

To give you a break from the filling meal, it’s best to have a light soup in between. A good choice is the sea whelk, maka, dried scallops and pork ribs. A new addition to the menu, it’s lauded for its health benefits and aromatic double-boiled soup flavoured with Peruvian ginseng.

When you’re ready for more, the kitchen is ready to impress with more dishes such as the soft shell prawns with sliced almond and crispy rice, steamed cod stuffed with mushrooms and water chestnuts in paper roll and the wagyu beef oxtail with lemongrass-infused oil.

Avocado cream, coconut sorbet, osmanthus jelly and cocoa nibs

We hope the saying, “there’s always space for desserts” holds true for you because these shouldn’t be given a miss. Fans of avocado will be pleased with the avocado cream, coconut sorbet, osmanthus jelly and cocoa nibs, while those in need of something sweet and savoury can opt for the crispy puff pastry with almond cream. Enjoy it with tea — which the restaurant has a range of — or a glass of wine carefully curated by the resident sommelier.

Jiang-Nan Chun | Level 2,  Four Seasons Hotel, 190 Orchard Blvd, S(248646) | 6831 7220