Cover We’ve rounded up the best rice dumplings to enjoy in Hong Kong this Dragon Boat Festival 2022 (Photo: Courtesy of Eaton Hong Kong)

Brighten up your Dragon Boat Festival celebrations with these scrumptious rice dumplings from Hong Kong’s top five-star hotels and restaurants

With Dragon Boat Festival fast approaching on June 3, it’s time to think about this year’s festivities and look forward to the annual boat races across the city. Of course, no celebration is complete without feasting on some delicious rice dumplings with family and friends.

Whether it’s classic savoury flavours, sweet varieties or innovative creations with a health twist you’re after, we’ve rounded up the best rice dumplings in Hong Kong that are perfect for the occasion and make for a great gift to delight your loved ones.  

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Shangri-La Group

The Shangri-La Group is pulling out all the stops this Dragon Boat Festival with a wide selection of rice dumplings to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Summer Palace’s ever-popular creations are back this year under the culinary direction of executive chef Leung Yu-king, including rice dumpling with abalone, conpoy and organic pork belly (HK$408), and sweet dumpling with tangerine peel and red beans (HK$318). For those looking to splurge, Shang Palace’s gift box (HK$928) is the perfect treat, and features six different types of dumplings ranging from sweet to savoury flavours.

Also worth trying is Hung Tong’s deluxe set (HK$288), which includes three varieties including salami dumpling with cordyceps, black garlic chicken dumpling with porcini, as well as sweet red bean dumpling with osmanthus. 
Shangri-La Group’s dumplings are available to order and collect from May 18 to June 2.

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The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Indulge yourself with The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong’s luxurious take on traditional rice dumplings. Wrapped in aromatic bamboo leaves, the deluxe dumpling (HK$378) is jam-packed with premium ingredients including abalone, salted egg yolk, conpoy and pork, making a lovely addition to the family dining table. The hotel has also launched a red bean dumpling set (HK$268) if you’re looking for something sweet.

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong’s dumplings are available to order while stock lasts and can be collected from May 27 to June 3.

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Lung King Heen, Four Seasons Hong Kong

Known for its consistently well-executed Chinese fare, Michelin-starred Lung King Heen has prepared two decadent dumpling sets to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival this year. The savoury variety (HK$498) with conch, conpoy and spicy termite mushroom is a meticulous combination of refined technique and fresh ingredients, while dessert lovers will enjoy the sweet dumpling (HK$438) with pelted wheat, peanuts, lotus seed paste and osmanthus. Each dumpling is accompanied by snowflake honey orchid phoenix tea leaves for pairing.

Lung King Heen’s dumpling sets are available to order while stock lasts and can be collected from May 25 to June 2.

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Legacy House, Rosewood Hong Kong

You can always count on Rosewood’s Legacy House for top-notch Chinese cuisine and its rice dumplings are just as impressive. Prepared by chef Li and his professional culinary team, the new gift set (HK$598) offers two dumpling varieties featuring premium ingredients: a savoury creation featuring South African abalone, pork belly and porcini; and a sweet dumpling loaded with chestnuts and lotus seeds. Both are wrapped in dried bamboo leaves and slow-boiled for seven hours to add an extra layer of aroma when steamed.

The basket packaging design is also environmentally friendly—what’s not to love? 

Legacy House’s dumpling set is available to order from now till June and can be collected from May 27 to June 4.

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Spring Moon, The Peninsula Hong Kong

What’s Dragon Boat Festival without some top-notch dumplings from Spring Moon at The Peninsula Hong Kong? This year, the Michelin-starred restaurant is offering a tempting selection of varieties including the premium dumpling with 30-head Middle Eastern abalone (HK$688), deluxe dumpling stuffed with Hungarian pork (HK$388), a well as a sweet duo set of lotus seed paste dumpling, and lychee dumpling with red date paste (HK$308).

Beautifully packaged in boxes featuring design motifs inspired by the restaurant's stained-glass windows, Spring Moon’s treats are indeed a solid choice to impress important guests or to satisfy your own cravings this season.

Spring Moon’s dumplings are available to order from now till June 3 and can be collected from May 21 to June 3.  

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Green Common

Looking for delicious rice dumplings with a healthy twist? Green Common’s offerings are sure to please. Aside from the ever-popular OmniPork strip rice dumpling (HK$69) featuring porcini, vegan salted egg yolk made from pumpkin and other healthy plant-based ingredients and superfoods, the brand is also bringing back their OmniPork rice dumpling with quinoa (HK$69) this year, which offers the perfect the right balance of chewy texture and rich flavours. Both varieties are made without preservatives or additives, too.

Green Common’s dumplings are available to order and collect from now till May 30.

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Chilli Fagara

Calling all spice lovers! The popular Sichuan restaurant, Chilli Fagara, is presenting an innovative take on the traditional rice dumplings this year, with sticky treats infused with vibrant spice flavours. Taking inspiration from chef Chan Kai-Ying's hometown of Chongqing, the dumplings are packed to the brim with fresh ingredients such as salted egg yolk, Sichuan cured meat, Iberico pork and mixed beans, promising a generous and delicious filling.

Customers purchasing four rice dumplings or above will also receive a complimentary jar of handmade mandarin tangerine sauce to amp up their feast.

Chilli Fagara’s dumplings are available to order from now till May 20 and can be collected from May 25 to June 3.

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Golden Leaf, Conrad Hong Kong

Golden Leaf at Conrad Hong Kong is celebrating Dragon Boat Festival with two classic rice dumplings crafted by executive chef Tony Wan. For lovers of savoury foods, the assorted meat rice dumpling (HK$288) is not to be missed, boasting the perfect texture of sticky rice and is filled with the delicious flavour of pork fat from the ingredients. A mini sweet rice dumpling with lotus seed paste (HK$208) is also on offer to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Place your order by completing the order form or call the hotel at +852 2822 8813 

Yat Tung Heen, Eaton Hong Kong

Yat Tung Heen is delivering two rice dumplings masterfully curated by chef Tam. The deluxe dumpling is a must-try for those with traditional palates, and comes loaded with premium ingredients including a whole abalone, salted egg yolk, dried scallops, Jinhua ham and mushrooms. There’s also a plant-based rice dumpling dedicated to all vegetarians and healthy eaters, which features OmniPork, Japanese mushrooms, red kidney beans, chestnuts, and lotus seeds.

Yat Tung Heen’s dumplings are available to order now while stock lasts and can be collected from May 27 to June 3.  

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