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Here are some ways to cleanse your body, without risking your health and wellbeing, after an indulgent period of noshing on good food

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and year-end celebrations, this season is definitely one filled with good food. Naturally, this comes with various physical reactions such as bloating and more soon after. While common for many of us, this can be reversed with some healthy cleansing.

Although our body can detox on its own—our liver and kidneys work hard to constantly clear unhealthy toxins from our body—there are also ways to help our body flush out the toxins.

If you are looking to do a healthy cleanse and feel refreshed to take on 2022, here are some tips to do so.

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1. Drink more water

Maintain hydration in the body by drinking water throughout the day. Not only does water quench our thirst, it also helps to regulate our body temperature, improve skin health, aid our digestion and help remove waste in our body. As excess salt, sugar and alcohol and dehydrate the body, having extra fluids can help to flush out extra pollutants. 
Adding superfoods into your water such as lemon and ginger can also help benefit your immune system. Start the day with a warm cup of water and a slice of lemon—lemons are full of antioxidant and vitamin C, which can help restore your body’s pH levels.

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2. Consume fibre

Having a big meal the day before does not mean compromising on the quality of food you eat the next day. Rather than having a big breakfast full of fried and processed foods, consider adding more fibre into your meal. Fibre rich foods include whole-grain products, fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts. These foods can help keep your gut healthy and help with digestion.

3. Consume easy to digest foods

Rest your colon, liver and kidneys after a feast by avoiding foods that are hard to digest, such as fried and processed foods. Instead, opt for a meal that is low in fat, and high in protein. Go for light, yet nutritious foods such as porridge, soup and salad.  

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4. Remember to have breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast, even after a big meal the night before, will help your body start its metabolism. Breakfast will help to replenish the energy and nutrients in your body. Opt for a breakfast rich in nutrients, such as high fibre cereal, nuts or eggs. If you are looking for some breakfast recipes to start your day off, here are some you can try.

Smoked salmon avocado toast

An alternative to a lox and cream cheese bagel, enjoy this comforting breakfast by adding mashed avocado on toasted bread. Get protein early in the day by adding some slices of smoked salmon.

Quinoa veggie bowl

For a more hearty breakfast, start by cooking up some quinoa and vegetables of your choose, such has broccoli, carrots and sweet potato. Finish the bowl off with seeds and opt for eggs for added protein.

Overnight oats

Oats are a great source of fibre and protein. Prepare your oats the night before, providing you more time to rest the next morning. Start by adding a one to one ratio of rolled oats and milk into a container of choice and keep it in the fridge overnight. Before eating, add on any fruits, granola, nuts or nut butter for an extra layer of texture.

5. Load up on antioxidants

Antioxidants can help to reduce bloating while helping to cleanse your gastrointestinal tract. Natural antioxidants can be found in certain foods, including blueberries, artichoke, and beans. Add green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, and kale, into your meals to help reduce bloating and inflammation.
Need a morning jolt, after a fun night out? Go for a cup of green tea. An antioxidant-rich beverage, green tea can help you debloat, while offering a lower dose of caffeine to help you through your day.  

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