Cover Christinna Kuan with her cousins Amberly Wong and Prudence Wong enjoying a specially curated dinner for HSBC Premier members at Ebisu KL (Photo: Khairul Imran/Tatler Malaysia)

The fashion entrepreneur and influencer treats herself to a girls' night out, sampling a menu exclusively for HSBC Premier members at Ebisu at Altitude

When it comes to elegant dining experiences in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Ebisu at Altitude does not disappoint. This premier Japanese restaurant situated on Level 53 of Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur presents a winning combination of plush interiors, authentic Japanese fare and breathtaking views of the city skyline.

The perfect urban escape to skip the crowds and dine in style, Ebisu offers an impressive menu crafted exclusively for HSBC Premier members. Curated culinary privileges like these are at the heart of the HSBC Premier experience, enriching its discerning clientele with only the best opportunities to explore new flavours and indulge in the finest cuisine across a curated list of top dining establishments.

Ebisu's special HSBC Premier members menu, for instance, features a five-course dinner made with seasonal Japanese ingredients and prepared by Ebisu's Chef Johnny Au Yong: a chef with 31 years of experience who is known for his stellar omakase menus and sashimi platters.          

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Food-loving fashion blogger and influencer Christinna Kuan recently had a taste of this exquisite Japanese menu, feeling right at home with the classy dining privileges and top tier treatment reserved specially for HSBC Premier customers.           

Although the Penang-born influencer often finds herself stretched between back-to-back meetings, photoshoots and fashion events, her favourite way to destress at the end of the day is catching up with friends and family over an exceptional dinner like this one.                

"Once in a while, it's nice to enjoy a more curated menu and dinner with such a great view," Kuan muses, making sure to capture those golden moments of the sunset through Ebisu's windows.

"My schedule has been so hectic lately and I'm glad to finally have a relaxing dinner with my cousins – we have a lot to catch up on. With all the stress that we have to deal with at work, it's nice to take a break sometimes and dine out with family in a place with just the right ambience. I think it's nice that HSBC Premier customers can enjoy dinners like these with a special surprise from the chef," she adds.

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Indeed the best kind of surprise for those who crave exquisite Japanese delicacies, this exclusive menu at Ebisu starts off with a delectable appetiser of soyu-marinated tuna and slimy mountain yam, served with mizuna leaves cooked in a rich Bonito stock. A delicious and aromatic Matsutake Mushroom Dobin Mushi soup follows, complemented with a hint of lime juice. 

Next to arrive is an impressive Sashimi platter, cushioned in the fog of dry ice with slices of bluefin tuna belly, tunaloin, flounder, sea bream and Hokkaido scallops with wasabi. After that is the braised winter yellow tail served with Japanese radish and a beancurd skin roll, altogether delicious and made exceptionally so by a dollop of Japanese mustard. Chef Johnny's teppanyaki course, meanwhile, is a truly succulent seafood trio of prawns, ocean trout and an oyster omelette.

For dessert, a refreshing scoop of Yuzu ice cream is paired with Warabi Mochi, dusted with Japanese soybean powder and served with red bean: the perfect tangy-sweet duo to complete a rich feast.

Always on the lookout for restaurant recommendations and culinary adventures, Kuan relishes exclusive dining offers like these. In the same way, HSBC Premier credit card holders can expect a variety of perks and privileges, which include complimentary dishes, special menus and exclusive savings when dining at participating fine dining establishments.                               

HSBC Premier credit cardholders can now enjoy Ebisu’s exclusive curated menu from November 29, 2021 all through to December 31, 2022. For more Premier curated dining offers and other exciting rewards tailored specially for HSBC Premier World Master Cardholders, visit or call 1300-88-9393 for more information about HSBC Premier. 


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