The Chinese Year Of The Dog is upon us once again. That means you'll be able to toss to health and wealth with the ubiquitous prosperity salad. This year, the chefs get more imaginative with offerings that span the traditional salmon yu sheng.

1. Premium yu sheng

This is an ideal alternative if you prefer something with a clear Japanese twist; it helps if you're a large family too. Portioned for eight to 10 persons, you get the finest mix of vegetables topped off with lobster and—you guessed it—sea urchin. It’s served dressed in the chef’s homemade tangy ponzu sauce for that refreshing and balanced mix of flavours.

Available from February 9 to March 2, dine-in only. Call 6826 8240 or email for reservations.

2. Dancing Crab yu sheng

Dancing Crab
For something, hands down, completely unexpected, opt for Dancing Crab’s uniquely playful take on the iconic dish. The base is an assortment of salad greens such as spinach and lettuce, which are mixed with carrot strips, salmon slices and Alaskan king crab, which is then drizzled with honey mustard sauce. The real fun comes with the tossing of the salad—instead of chopsticks, you use your hands. Gloves are provided, of course. 

Available from February 8 to March 2, dine-in only. Click here for reservations.

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3. Ultimate success premium abalone yu sheng

Park Hotel Clarke Quay
The array of colours may be the first thing that catches your eye, but wait until you have a taste of this sumptuous creation. It’s layer upon layer of strips of purple cabbage, radish, Shimeji and enoki mushrooms, yellow chives and carrots, paired with chunky gold-dusted abalone. The finishing touches include chef’s homemade plum sauce with just enough sprinkling of fragrant kaffir lime leaves for a zesty finish.

Available from February 8 to March 2. Call 6593 8825/59 or email for reservations.

4. Kanpachi kingfish yu sheng

For his creative take on yu sheng, chef Nicky Ng first serves his homemade Chu Hou sauce—made with soybeans, garlic, sesame seeds and spices—in a cocktail shaker. It's shaken then poured into a mix of veggies, Kanpachi kingfish, crispy salmon skin and lychee caviar.

Available from February 1 to March 2. Call 6603 8855 or email for reservations.

5. Bountiful yu sheng with Alaskan crab, truffle and caviar

Cherry Garden
Cherry Garden’s sumptuous rendition will make your reunions even more festive. It has all the trappings of a classic yu sheng with salmon strips, Alaskan crab meat, salmon and the usual toss of julienned vegetables, but it’s the addition of black truffle and caviar that elevates it and makes it an instant hit.

Available from February 1 to March 2. Call 6885 3500 or e-mail for reservations.

6. Fortune 3D meringue yu sheng with abalone, salmon and crispy fish

Golden Peony
Chinese executive chef Ku Keung made this yu sheng with your business associates in mind. The festive salad serves a minimum of 30 persons (we kid you not!), and is shaped like a dog, using ingredients like turnip, carrots, yam and pickled ginger, and tossed with a zesty homemade sauce.  

Available from February 5 to March 2. Call 6432 7482/88 or email for reservations.

7. Signature lou hei

Of course it's as much about the aupicious significance of the ingredients as their prized standing. Take Cassia’s signature yu sheng. The auspicious salad is a colourful medley of ingredients that include lobster (for happiness), North Pole clams (for abundance of opportunities) and salmon (for success), among others. Don’t forget to toss in the homemade Hawthorn (berry) sauce for a harmonious year ahead.

Available from February 1 to March 2. Call 6591 5045 or email for reservations.

8. Dog-shaped yu sheng

Hai Tien Lo
Who wouldn’t fancy this yu sheng that best represents the year of the dog? It comes in delicious varieties, from the chef’s recommendation of Wealth and Health yu sheng studded with Boston lobster and baby abalone, to the Fortune yu sheng served with luxurious crab meat, BBQ chicken roll and scallops. It's available in small and large portions, too.

Available from January 22 to March 2. Call 6826 8240 or email for reservations.

Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare
Chef Lino Sauro’s Italian take on the iconic yu sheng consists of Japanese somen, chopped black truffles, salmon roe and vegetables mixed with an array of sustainably-sourced seafood. Get a load of Normandy oysters, Sicilian red prawns and Hokkaido scallops sprinkled with sesame vinaigrette and Sicilian anchovy essence.

Available now. Call Call 6336 5498 or email for reservations.

9. Chopsuey Lucky Lunar Lo Hei

Chopsuey Cafe
Another inventive take on the CNY staple comes from Chopsuey Cafe, where the usual ingredients are replaced with trout, kale, celeriac, sprouts, red radish, blueberries and wild rice. It’s topped with a special homemade dressing—a sweet and sour combo of fresh calamansi, lemon juice, plum sauce, marmalade and Japanese vinegar—for a refreshing end.

Available from February 5 to March 2. Call 9224 6611 for reservations.

10. Pulled pork lo hei

The Carvery
You can bring the CNY party home with this meat-inspired yu sheng, available for takeaway only. The main attraction is the premium pulled pork tossed with fried fish skin, caramelised walnuts, granny smith apple strips, red cabbage, orange pearls, and fried pickled ginger. The flavours come alive with a generous drizzle of olive oil, white balsamic peach dressing, and toppings of crisp tortilla “pok chui” crackers.

Available from January 22 to February 27. Call 6828 8880 or email for orders.

11. Rhapsody of Pineapple yu sheng

Gourmet Carousel
This version is a cross between yu sheng and poke bowl. The base consists of hydroponic salad, papaya, mango, young coconut, potato and yam strips, topped with freshly marinated mentaiko salmon cubes. The final ingredient is the crisp pineapple rings, dehydrated to give added flavour and texture.

Available from February 12 to March 2. Call 6589 7788 or email for orders.

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