The latest viral TikTok trend sees slabs of butter gorgeously slathered on a serving board and garnished with flower petals, seasonings and spices

Charcuterie boards are traditionally filled with cured meats, cheese and crackers. But these days, anything can be on a placed on a board and be called ‘charcuterie’—including candy, fruits and even butter. The latter is the latest viral TikTok trend that combines our love for butter, bread and boards.

These viral butter boards are as mouth-watering as they are aesthetically pleasing. They consist of a board smothered with softened butter, sprinkled with tasty toppings, and garnished with edible flowers and fruit. It’s served as a dip alongside a basket of fluffy bread.
While anything can go on a butter board, there are a few tips you can keep in mind when creating a spread. If you decide to recreate these gorgeous boards at home, here’s how you can do so.

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Select your butter

To start, make sure you have softened and spreadable butter. While any type of butter would work, different types of butter can produce a variety of results. For example, if you prefer a board with a creamier taste, opt for unsalted butter. But if you are preparing the board in advance, salted butter lasts longer in the fridge.
If you’re looking for gourmet butter, try Le Beurre Bordier Butter. This French semi-salted butter is rich and creamy, with notes of caramel and hazelnut.

Use a range of toppings

Add extra flavour, texture and colour to the board by incorporating various toppings. If you prefer something fruity, dress your butter with orange zest, fig jam, or cherry tomatoes. Herb boards can be finished with rosemary, hot peppers and red onions.

Arrange and put it all together

Arranging the board is simple. Start slathering on a base of softened butter and decorate it with your favourite herbs, spices and toppings. For a final touch, decorate the board with edible flowers or a drizzle of honey for added sweetness.
All you have to do next is to serve your creations with a plate of warm and crusty bread.
If you’re looking for inspiration for your board, here are some to check out:


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