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After sampling countless delicious cookies from Insta-worthy chocolate chip flavours to indulgent peanut butter and red velvet varieties, we've found the best new artisanal cookie makers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has seen a slew of cookie makers open up in just the past year, many discoverable only on Instagram. As the competition gets tougher, the dough is getting thicker and the flavours are getting wilder. Tried and tested by Tatler editors, here are the best of the batch.

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Cookie Boy

The crispiest of the bunch, Cookie Boy by former JW Marriott pastry chef Ryan Zimmer sets itself apart with its American-style texture—a crunchy exterior and thinner, chewier centre thanks to a precise type and amount of flour. With a wide array of familiar flavours, from blueberry muffin to apple pie, and sizes from regular to XXL up to 90 grams, they’re the most versatile and crowd-pleasing of the lot. Peanut butter and classic chocolate chip won’t disappoint.

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Sai Kung Cookie Co

Rustic cookies don’t get any larger than these. Made with Japanese flour, Asian spices and European chocolate by Canadian architect and baker Eric Wang and his partner Vinita Sheoran, these cookies are the newest on the scene. “When I moved to Hong Kong, I was delighted by all the fantastic high cuisine but wasn’t able to find that one simple cookie that reminds me of my childhood, so we made our own,” he says. The white chocolate macadamia (The Grace) and fruit and spice cookie (The Rockwell) are our editors’ picks for their moist, doughy centres. 

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Thic Cookies

As the name suggests, Thic Cookies are indeed thick—just the way their baker Tiffany Lam intended, using New Zealand butter, Swiss chocolate chunks and Japanese eggs for that buttery aftertaste—and they’re also richer than most, especially the double chocolate cookie that tastes more like a brownie, with a robust dark chocolate aftertaste. Opt for the Oreo-topped whopper if you’re in the mood for something sweeter.

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Cookie Vission

Be prepared to skip a meal if you opt for one of Cookie Vission’s chunky cookies, which include flavours like Portuguese egg tart and ginger apricot milk tea. Founder Winnie Pang first began baking cookies to satisfy her partner’s craving. She’s since found that letting raw dough rest in the fridge for 72 hours ensures maximum moisture. Definitely one of the densest of the bunch, the peanut butter, popular among our editors, hosts what feels like a jar of the spread in its centre. Verdict? Not for the faint of heart.

Cookie Vission, 6 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong,

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Baked Indulgence

Venus Koon’s moist, chewy chocolate chip made with 70 per cent Valrhona dark chocolate chunks and dusted with Cornish sea salt flakes is the unanimous favourite, somehow able to retain fresh-out-of-the oven gooeyness. For the adventurous snacker, their seasonal flavours like white chocolate and miso and Ferrero Rocher topped with gold flecks make for an unexpectedly delicious discovery. Cookies are just the start—stay tuned for an array of new desserts coming out soon. We've also heard that Baked Indulgence will be opening a physical store in Hong Kong later this month!

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Cookie Department

Known for weekly drops of speciality flavours like Nutella banana and pineapple bun, these hefty, cake-like cookies by former luxury fashion marketing director Wil Fang score high on the Instagrammability front thanks to their often-oozing fillings. Chocolates are carefully mixed, whether Hershey’s Chocolate chips, Valrhona cocoa powder or Ghiradelli chocolate, but Red Velvet is our go-to for an indulgent snack.

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Cookie Elephant

Launched in 2020, Cookie Elephant just had their five-ever pop-up store in October. Selling heavy cookies that can almost be mistaken for scones, try the classic gooey chocolate chip or the double chocolate for an overdose of chocolate fun. 

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With pop-up shops in Central Market, and New Town Plaza, as well as a street-level store in Wan Chai, Cookieism is quickly becoming one of the most popular cookie brands in Hong Kong. Thick cookies with creative special flavour such as cheese and salami pizza, taro salted egg yolk, and custard salted egg yolk, as well as classics from chocolate chip to matcha—one of everything, please. 

Cookieism, Shop E G/F, 136 Queens Rd East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong,

This article was published on August 6, 2020 and updated on December 7, 2021. 

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