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Marco Pierre White’s restaurant, The English House, will soon be home to Bourdain's personal mementoes including artwork by artist Brad Phillips as well as gifts from close friends

The late Anthony Bourdain was a renowned American chef and tv show personality. A household name across the globe, Bourdain hosted various tv shows, including Parts Unknown, where he travelled around the world, celebrating diverse cultures through food and dining rituals.

To pay tribute to Bourdain’s life and legacy, British celebrity chef Marco Pierre White’s restaurant, The English House, has welcomed a trove of his cherished personal mementoes. Located along Mohamed Sultan Road, The English House is a passion project by White—who was a close friend of the late Bourdain—and offers elevated international fare including British and Chinese cuisine.

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These items have been acquired by the restaurant itself at the 2019 Lark Mason auction and will be permanently available at the establishment for diners to view for the first time. The collection includes art and cultural artefacts that had special significance to the beloved chef, having collected them throughout his travels. One of the most anticipated memorabilia includes Bourdain’s Bob Kramer custom steel and meteorite chef knife, which Bourdain declared “the most awesome knife in the world”.
The bespoke knife is forged from carbon steel and meteorite and skillfully made by master bladesmith Bob Kramer. It was acquired by The English House for over US$231,250 at the 2019 Lark Mason auction. 

Apart from the knife, look out for other artefacts accumulated by Bourdain around the restaurant. Fans of Bourdain’s TV series, The Layover, will recognise the Chrome Duck Press from his Paris episode. Originating from the 19th century, this press was designed for a single dish—à la rouennaise (duck in blood sauce)—and reminded Bourdain of the classic culinary training he received at the Culinary Institute of America.  

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Various other pieces obtained by the restaurant also show off his unique taste and personality. These include a sculpture of a pig wearing a chef’s hat and apron; a 17-pound Michelin Man sculpture gifted by Marco Pierre White; and Brad Phillip’s artwork titled Cristine and Me as Still-Life, depicting a kitchen knife and a high-heeled shoe.
“Anthony Bourdain was a renegade in the culinary, travel and entertainment worlds, and his experiences led him to amass a truly impressive collection of art—one that represents his eclectic taste, appreciation for discovery and most notably, other cultures … The English House is honoured to be able to house his collection and preserve it in a way that lives on to inspire future generations,” shares head chef Gabriel Fratini.

While travelling around the world, Bourdain also developed a diverse palate after trying a variety of cuisines. To honour this, The English House will present elevated international classics, including fresh lobster dumplings served with egg white and hairy crab sauce; succulent fillet of Aberdeen black Angus Wellington; and cacio e pepe (available upon request). The latter was Bourdain’s favourite Roman dish and consists of al dente pasta dressed in a creamy sauce comprising a medley of black pepper, pecorino cheese and parmesan.

The English House, 28 Mohamed Sultan Road, S(238972), +65 6545 4055

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