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Tsim Sha Tsui
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Mon – Fri 11:30-15:00
Sat – Sun 10:30-15:00

Cantonese culinary traditions are well preserved at Celestial Court. Despite a conservative setting, it remains a popular choice among both locals and visitors.

Tatler Says

Versatility is the name of the game at the Sheraton’s Celestial Court, one of the most celebrated Cantonese hotel restaurants in town. The beauty of the establishment is in its interiors, where warm wood panels and Chinese paintings embellish the expansive space, making it an ideal venue for parties and banquets. Its Eastern charm extends beyond its design, as the restaurant maintains a high consistency in execution, from traditional dim sum to Chinese soups and sharing dishes. The establishment’s baked stuffed chicken with black truffle, pearl barley and duck liver is outstanding, while deep-fried shrimp with salty egg yolk, minced ham and oat sees a Southeast Asian twist on the Cantonese classic shrimp with salted egg yolk sauce. Celestial Court also offers a small handful of dim sum options at dinner, including its famed har gow; the perfectly executed bite-sized morsels can be enjoyed alongside the abundant selection of Chinese teas on offer, coupled with personal, warm service from the experienced team.

What to order

  • Celestial Court’s signature shrimp dumplings are one of the few dim sum items available all day. The well-proportioned filling features fresh shrimps and bamboo shoots for the perfect texture, all encased within translucent, evenly-pleated wrappers.
  • Deep-fried shrimps with salty egg yolk, minced ham and oats playfully adds toasted oats to add texture to the creamy salted egg yolk sauce that coated evenly onto fresh prawns. A great dish with steamed rice.
  • Baked stuffed chicken with black truffle, pearl barley and duck liver has a golden brown crust, while the truffle-laced barley filling bears a good glutinous texture, while the roasted bird stays juicy and tender.

Tatler Tip

Celestial Court runs an impressive mushroom menu every year during the autumn and winter months featuring innovative takes on Yunnan-harvested mushrooms prepared in a creative array of ways.



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