Buenos Aires Polo Club

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Mon – Sun 12:00-14:30

Carnivorous heaven in a private club feel in the heart of Central as great steaks and more are joined by an impressive wine list, especially from Argentina

Tatler Says

If you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner gaucho, then Buenos Aires Polo Club is an Argentinian grill to take you as close as you can get to the city without actually hopping on a very long flight. The polo and equine interiors are fun and colourful, and the bar is lively with well-mixed cocktails and a peerless Argentinian wine list for the city. From the menu, provoleta, chorizo and empanadas are guaranteed winners, but ceviche or golf salad make for lighter options. Once you’ve chosen from seven cuts of Argentina’s General Pico Black Angus, pick an elegant knife and relax knowing the meat will arrive exactly as requested. Though chimichurri surprisingly lacked the zing we expected, the other sauces were great renditions, while the sides were bang on the money as well. Save room if you can for some very decadent desserts.

What to order

  • Provoleta - Gooey, stringy and sinfully delicious, this mix of provolone and fontina cheese can be spooned over rustic bread or maybe just eaten straight from the pan.
  • Empanadas - to our surprise, the best of the chicken, beef and spinach choices was definitely the last of the three, thanks to creamy and fragrant filling, while a zingy salsa accompanies them all.
  • Dulce de leche flan - For a sweet finale, a righteous Argentinian classic brings sinful caramelised milk confection topped with raspberries and cream for extra decadence.

Tatler Tip

Ensure you book a table in the front two dining rooms, not the quieter and rather nondescript one towards the back which doesn’t really channel the country that inspires the restaurant.




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