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Sri Lankan, 
Damansara Heights
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Mon – Sun 12:00-15:00

Prized crustaceans are freshly flown in from Sri Lanka for the benefit of A Li Yaa’s diners

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The irony is palpable—while most of us are bound to one country in these unusual times, mud crabs still receive the rockstar treatment on international airlines. Bypassing travel restrictions, the prized crustaceans are freshly flown in from Sri Lanka for the benefit of A Li Yaa’s diners. You can choose to have your crabs in a multitude of styles, but we recommend the time-tested Amma recipe. Carrying a healthy tinge of spice, the curried crabs pair well with basmati rice, puttu (cylindrical portions of coconut rice) or any other bread on the menu. A Li Yaa’s presence in Kuala Lumpur spells an easier time for us when deciding where to dine out with plant-based friends. The cashew nut curry, for instance, is so robust that you won’t even miss meat. On the contrary, customers with food allegies are advised to tread carefully, as there is little way of discerning which dishes are nut- or gluten-free; just air your concerns with the patient waiters, who are more than willing to be of service.


A Sri Lankan and South Indian staple, appam is a sweet or savoury pancake spun out of fermented rice flour. Crispy around the edges yet soft and moist at the core, A Li Yaa’s Sweet Appam sees a slight Malaysian twist by way of Gula Melaka.



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