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Take some time to treat yourself to a relaxing vacation out of town! Here are some of the best places to rent out

We all deserve a vacation every once in a while! Treat yourself to these amazing resorts, cabins, villas, and glamp sites that are sure to make your vacation even more memorable. 

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The Cabin Resorts

Need a breath of fresh air? The Cabin Resorts, located in Bulacan, is a fantastic option for couples, families, and friends. It has an idyllic ambience with wood cabins that groups of up to six can rent out. Aside from the relaxing atmosphere, the resort also offers biking, swimming, archery, kayaking, and even badminton, so you're sure to have fun while recharging. 

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Juan's Place

Up for an exciting glamping experience? Juan's Place offers luxurious yet homey accommodations in beautifully designed dome tents. Surrounding the property is the peaceful panorama of green trees and running creeks, making this a romantic getaway that everyone should experience at least once. Juan's Place has a long list of amenities, including a bonsai studio, a yoga deck, an archery area, and even campfire grounds. 

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Tudor in the Pines

Amidst the natural beauty of Baguio lies the Tudor in the Pines. An estate comprised of different properties, Tudor in the Pines offers tourists and staycationers a chance to reconnect with nature through luxurious homes and terraces. They have beautiful glasshouses equipped with modern amenities such as a barbecue pit and a private garden. Guests are also welcome to have tea in the Glasshouse Lounge or enjoy breathtaking Baguio views from the Black Tower. 

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Balai Urunjing

Rent a modern, Balinese-inspired home in Rizal! Balai Urunjing is a mere hour's drive away from Metro Manila. Upon this 373 square metre property, guests can indulge themselves in an adult infinity pool, a bubble pool, a private outdoor garden, and a shower. Enjoy peaceful mornings and sunny days lounging by the water, far away from the stress of the chaotic city. 

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Kalamansi House

Perched atop a beautiful hill in Aklan, Kalamansi House offers guests—first and foremost—a jaw-dropping view across Boracay, Panay, and the ocean. The huge villa comes equipped with an infinity pool, nine bedrooms, a billiards room, and a Hi-fi sound system with 16 speakers. Not only that, but staff are also in the house, ready to accommodate each and every request. Five housekeepers are on the ready to help with cooking, shopping, and tidying up. A van and driver are also at the guest's convenience 24/7. 

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Treehouse de Valentine

Stay close to nature at the Treehouse de Valentine. Located in Cebu, this rental allows guests to bathe in their own wooden bathtub or enjoy a relaxing sunset by the balcony. It has three bedrooms throughout the property and a private river for guests to swim in. Enjoy a unique experience in this quaint homestay for a delightful vacation. 

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