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Virtually satiate your growing hunger for travel by following these travel vloggers on their foodie adventures.

As the effects of the pandemic continue to restrict overseas travel, our lust for exploration and global cuisine only grows stronger. While our own portfolio of international fare has certainly blossomed, there's nothing quite like immersing yourself in a foreign environment and diving into the local eats. Until we're able to do so ourselves, allow these travel vloggers to whisk you away on their foodie adventures so you can plan your next gastronomic crusade.

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1. Mark Wiens

Above Mark Wiens goes on a sushi tour of the legendary Tsukiji Fish Market and ends the day with a high-end dinner at Sushi Arai (鮨 あらい).

With nearly eight million subscribers and over 1.7 billion views across his videos, Mark Wiens arguably the most popular food travel vlogger on the web. Forged by a desire to connect with people from every walk of life, Mark's passion for celebrating local cultures through food vividly colours his earnest and enthusiastic videos. This eagerness has taken him to countless destinations, including Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, and Bangkok. He has also produced many videos documenting his food trips throughout the Philippines, such as the Quiapo Market street food tour, Binondo food guide, and even his Boodle Fight experience with the Lechon Diva herself. Mark also publishes blogs and travel guides on his website, Migrationology.

Great for: avid advocates for street food culture who value descriptive food reviews.

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Above TOPJAW spends 48 hours in Los Angeles, stopping by Republique, Venice Beach, In-N-Out, and other must-see and must-eat-at locations.

Despite being one of the newest food and travel channels around, TOPJAW's "48 Hours in" videos are wildly impressive. Directed by Will Warr - who manages his own production company - the series feels much less like a vlog and more like a beautiful, fast-paced film series. The host, Jesse Burgess, has a very upbeat and youthful approach, exchanging charming banter with the man behind the camera. Watch the duo cram as much sightseeing and food-chowing in their 48-hour trips to Amsterdam, Cape Town, and their hometown, London.

Great for: those looking for high-quality and fast-paced videos listing popular and famous restaurants in some of the world's greatest food cities.

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3. Chasing A Plate

Above Thomas and Sheena Southam rouse viewers' hunger with clips of torta ahogada (drowned tortas), cheesy tacos, and birria.

The New Zealand-based channel Chasing A Plate follows Thomas and Sheena Southam as they go "food hunting" across the globe. Using raw footage to document their travels, the husband-and-wife team spotlight authentic cuisine, celebrating not only the food but the culture and heritage behind it. Their videos vividly describe what they're eating, explaining foreign words and ingredients while illustrating the experience with such detail you feel like you're eating alongside them. At the moment, they've taken the pandemic's unfortunate consequences as an "opportunity to showcase the phenomenal food culture of Aotearoa, New Zealand" with vlogs like international street food you can find in Aukland. Previously, Chasing a Plate has featured food from Kathmandu, New York City, and many more.

Great for: viewers who appreciate raw travel footage and appetite-arousing reviews.

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4. Strictly Dumpling

Above Strictly Dumpling aka Mike Chen eats his way through Davao's Roxas Night Market.

Like Mark Wiens, Mike Chen also runs a very popular food and travel Youtube channel: Strictly Dumpling. Although he also features authentic eats and street food on his vlogs, Mike's most popular videos tackle trendy and famous destinations like Ichiran Ramen in Osaka and our very own Spiral Buffet at Sofitel. With over 20 million views, his most-watched video documents his experience eating brunch at a 7-Eleven in Taiwan on his stopover to the Philippines.

Great for: foodies curious about all the dishes and restaurants that have trended on social media.

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5. CupofTJ

Above TJ Lee pairs up with 2hearts1seoul t0 delights in gimbap (Korean sushi), spicy tteokbokki (rice cakes), and other Korean street food.

As the host of the self-declared "cutest travel and food show" CupofTJ, TJ Lee invites people "to travel through the lens of food", documenting her favourite eats during her extended sojourns in Vietnam, Germany, and many others. During her journeys to and around the Philippines, TJ filmed numerous videos, sharing highlights such as her street food adventures in Cebu, bar-hopping experience throughout Poblacion, and visit to the beloved Salcedo Market.

Great for: viewers looking for more travel tips beyond food, like accommodation, sightseeing, and airline choices.

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