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Live vicariously through the lenses of these fantastic wildlife photographers!

If there's one thing the Internet can't get enough of, it's animals. While adorable dogs and cats usually take centre stage, there's also a huge following for wildlife photography, something most people are curious about but not as many have a chance to see in real life. Today, we explore the pages of some of the most talented wildlife photographers out there—and live vicariously through their lenses for the time being. 

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Thomas Peschak

Marine biologist Thomas Peschak is among the most followed Instagram wildlife photographers. A conservation storyteller and ocean photographer, he's been on many amazing adventures with some of our world's most fantastic creatures. Follow his page for awe-inspiring photographs of everything from penguins to whale sharks!

David Doubilet

If you're interested to know what lies beneath the ocean's calm surface, check out David Doubilet's work. He photographs some fantastic (and very rare) creatures, most of which you may not have even known about. The best part? He gets up close and personal with some of his animal encounters—including jellyfish and even crocodiles—for some truly awe-inspiring shots. 

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Malin Hanning

The Antarctic is one of the most remote areas on earth, yet photographer Malin Hanning has had the good fortune to know this area more intimately than most. Travel through these icy regions via her Instagram page, where she documents the wonderful animal life and inspiring terrain that make up this harsh yet incredible region. 

Daisy Gilardini

Daisy Gilardini captures animals at their most natural state: a polar bear mum playing with her cubs, a lion mid-roar, or a brown bear on a hunt. Through her lens, she captures the every day lives of these fantastic creatures (that we would otherwise never have witnessed ourselves).

Filipe Deandrade

Because Filipe Deandrade is also an Emmy-winning camera operator, his body of work includes dramatic videos alongside vivid photographs. Keep in mind, however, that his advocacy on conservation includes letting his followers know about the dark truths of poaching and extinction, so there are some decidedly graphic photographs on his page. Nevertheless, his work does inspire, and opens our eyes to the beauty of a world we must protect. 

Ami Vitale

Ami Vitale has many spectacular photographs, all of them dramatic in their own way. Yet, what's most captivating about her posts are the stories behind them. Most of her work comprises action shots that take you to a time and space, and make you wonder about the subject.  There are men on horses travelling through exotic terrain, animal conservationists sharing an intimate moment with a baby elephant. All of these comprise a thought-provoking yet awe-inspiring body of work that makes you want to know more about the story itself. 

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Rahul Singh

Birdwatching may not be the most popular hobby, but going through Rahul Singh's Instagram page makes us want to learn more about it. On his page, the young photographer explores the wondrous ways and forms of our avian friends. There are fantastic colours and exciting action shots of birds in mid-flight. It's a hypnotising array of wildlife photographs that only the most quick-witted of photographers can hope to achieve.