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See the beauty of the ocean through the eyes of the youth in Ganden Medved-Po's newly launched photography book, 'Life Below Water' for the benefit of WWF

The ocean is a vast body of water that holds many stories and secrets. Its depth is explored with courage and mindfulness by 17-year old photographer Ganden Medved-Po, who shares his vision with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) – Philippines in his photography book, Life Below Water.

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Together, Ganden and WWF Philippines aim to release a book that portrays the beauty of the ocean while raising awareness on various environmental issues surrounding it. “‘Life Below Water’ is a young person’s experience of the ocean, expressed through his chosen art of photography. The book is a reminder of why, what, how, and for whom we do our work of protecting our oceans,” WWF-Philippines Executive Director Katherine P Custodio says.


Although this is Ganden's first book, he is not fairly new to photography.

“The first time I started taking photos was probably on my parents’ old camera which they would use to document family celebrations and occasions. That was an old Panasonic camera," says Ganden, the son of Christopher Po, chairman of Century Pacific Food, Inc. and Nanette Medved-Po, founder and chairperson of HOPE and Plastic Credit Exchange.

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His mentor, the renowned underwater photographer Scott "Gutsy" Tuason, is good friends with the author's father, Po. Tuason had witnessed him grow professionally.

"In my shop. . . when he was still 13 or 14. . . he was already [looking] for a camera," Tuason recalls. "He was very motivated to [capture images, not only topside but also underwater, which is something quite difficult], and that really surprised me."

Since then, Ganden has stuck with his passion, considering that the young photographer seemed to feel a deep connection with the water.

Ganden shares, "It really introduces you to a different side of nature which many people don't get to see". The photographer currently uses the Sony Rx100, a camera he trusts in capturing the wonders of the sea.

Now, he is finally able to share his perspective with the public, including his favourite moment: doing a wreck dive for the first time. "[The wreck dive] was memorable because it kind of showed that even the terrestrial creations that we have, even the materialistic things we own, are all at some point [going to return] to the earth, and going to be reintegrated to the environment".

All proceeds from the sale of 'Life Below Water' will benefit the sustainable fisheries work of the World Wide Fund for Nature - Philippines. To know more, visit

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