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Explore South Lantau’s Cheung Sha and Pui O, home to some of Hong Kong’s cleanest beaches with plenty to eat, drink and do

Lantau Island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. Here, we’re rounding up the best places to eat, drink and do when you’re visiting Cheung Sha and Pui O. 

Pui O, located at the edge of Lantau South Country Park, is a lesser-visited beach with soft sand and clear waters. With one of the best holiday campsites in Hong Kong, it usually draws in a crowd during pre-Covid times. Currently, the campsite is still closed due to government restrictions but the gorgeous beach is still worth a stroll, with a few restaurants and bars open if you fancy a bite. 

A bit further down from Pui O lies Cheung Sha Beach, arguably the most popular beach in Lantau—for a reason. Composed of Upper Cheung Sha Beach and Lower Cheung Sha Beach, it’s also the longest beach in Hong Kong that spans over 3km. 

If you’re looking for an easy day out with food and entertainment on the ready, head to Lower Cheung Sha, where plenty of seaside restaurants and water sports rental are available. If you want to avoid crowds, relax and enjoy some privacy, simply walk over to Upper Cheung Sha.

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How to get there

Pui O

If you’re going through public transport, take the MTR to Tung Chung station exit B and get the 3M bus at the bus terminus, getting off at Lo Uk Tsuen bus stop.

If you prefer a more scenic travel, take the ferry from Central Pier No.6 to Mui Wo, and take bus 1, 2, 3M or 4 at the Mui Wo bus terminus across from the pier, which will also lead you to Lo Uk Tsen stop. 

Cheung Sha Beach

From Tung Chung Bus Terminus, take buses 11, 11A or 23. To get to Lower Cheung Sha Beach, get off at Cheung Sha Ha Tsen shop and continue walking until you see a path that leads down the beach. For Upper Cheung Sha, stay on the bus until the Upper Cheung Sha Beach bus stop. 

What to Eat


Previously known as The Beach House, Bathers, one of the most popular restaurants in the whole of Lantau, is a picturesque beachside restaurant that can seat up to 120 guests. Serving breakfasts from 9am to 11am, you’ll find many breakfast or brunch favourites such as french toast, sourdough with avocado, scrambled eggs with salmon, eggs benedict and more. 

After 11am, you’ll find seafood starters such as oysters and seafood platters, salads, mains including burgers, rigatoni, spring chicken, sausages and steaks. 

Bathers, G/F, 32 Cheung Sha Lower Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, +852 2504 4788,

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For cold cuts, cheese, pizzas and pasta by the water, head to Lantana at Lower Cheung Sha. Try the carbonara and pair it with a fresh pizza before taking a dip in the water. They also have a good selection of wines to choose from if you’re celebrating the weekend. 

Lantana, 40 Lower Cheung Sha Beach Lantau Island, Hong Kong,

Long Island 

Long Island is a homey restaurant that’s recognisable from its baby blue exterior. You’ll find a variety of dishes on the menu including spring rolls, baked escargot, papaya salad, seared tuna with salad and more. 

Long Island, G/f, No. 35, Lower Cheung Sha Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, +852 2320 2001,

The Gallery 

While The Gallery isn’t technically in Pui O or Cheung Sha, their dry-aged steaks are so good that they're worth a mention. Located in Tong Fuk, the next village down Cheung Sha Beach, The Gallery is a quick 15-minute walk from Upper Cheung Sha—and trust us, the food is worth the extra stroll. From seared tuna steaks, pizzas, and chicken kebabs to fire-grilled steaks cooked right in front of you, the restaurant's ambient fairy lights are hung across the main alfresco dining area, creating the cosiest atmosphere for an intimate dinner out. Inside, you’ll find plenty of wine and craft beer choices, as well as kombucha for those who like a healthy beverage. 

The Gallery, 28 South Lantau Road, Tong Fuk, Hong Kong, +852 2980 2582,


Founder Sultan Sunny has long been serving up Indian food to Lantau locals since 1999. Previously located in Mui Wo, Tong Fuk and Tung Chung, his newest restaurant, Aviator is located in Pui O, cooking up popular Pak-Indian dishes such as masala papad, Bombay aloo, fish tikka, curries and more.  

Aviator, G/F 13 Lo Wai Tsuen, Pui O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, +852 2109 3313,

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Treasure Island Beach Club 

Opened from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays, Treasure Island Beach Club is the perfect spot to watch the sunset while sipping on a drink. Snack on some fish n’ chips, or get quesadillas to share. If drinks are what you’re after, there are pages worth of alcoholic beverages, smoothies, as well as hot drinks to choose from. Treasure Island also rents out surfboards and paddleboards 

Treasure Island Restaurant and Bar, Pui O Beach, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, +852 5236 7013,

What to Do

Hong Kong Surfing Lesson

Hong Kong Surfing Lesson is a business in Lower Cheung Sha that offers both surfing and stand up board paddling lessons. Instructors have over seven years of surf coaching experience in Hong Kong and surfers of all levels are welcome. Make a reservation or call ahead of time to ensure there are instructors on the day you’re hoping to surf. 

Hong Kong Surfing Lesson, Lower Cheung Sha Beach, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, +852 6199 0904,

Lantau Grocer

Lantau Grocer not only brings hard-to-find city essentials to the island, but they also rent out surfboards and paddleboards. Get your craft beer or Dragon Water fix after spending the day catching waves. 

Lantau Grocer, 38 Lower Cheung Sha, Lantau, Hong Kong,

Where to Stay

Villa Aether

For a luxurious escape, book a getaway at Villa Aether, a three-storey wellness-forward villa in Pui O. Surrounded by undisrupted greenery and the sea, Villa Aether also hosts wellbeing retreats with a full day’s worth of wellness and fitness classes regularly. 

Learn more by visiting

Long Coast

Long Coast, a glamping spot in Lower Cheung Sha offers safari tents and small caravans for a unique staycation experience. Most packages include breakfast, bedding and watersports, while additional upgrades for barbecue dinners and other group activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and wake surfing lessons are also available. 

Long Coast, 29 Lower Cheung Sha Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong,


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