What are you taking with you on your next trip? Here are some celeb tips on what not to forget

We're all itching for a fun vacation—but what to pack? If you've ever wondered what A-listers bring with them as they jet set across the world, wonder no more. Here are things that some of our favourite luminaries find to be the most important when heading out. 

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1. Rihanna

Multi-hyphenate, Rihanna, always brings a trusty suitcase along with her. And of course—what's a vacation without luggage? It is, after all, the cornerstone of convenient travel. For the entertainer and business mogul, Rimowa is her brand of choice, especially during these times when purposeful travel has become the only kind of travel there seems to be. Reflecting amid a moment of stillness, Rihanna muses on moments of quiet amid her fast-paced life. “When everything is minimised, you see what’s important,” she says. 

2. BTS

The world's biggest boy band, BTS, is expected to travel extensively. When they're not out shooting or filming, you can catch these boys at the beach, toting designer sunglasses, assumedly from fashion house, Louis Vuitton, of which they are ambassadors. 

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3. Kendall Jenner

Who's the best travel companion? For some people, they might say their family; for others, friends. But for Kendall Jenner, it seems to be her dog, an adorable doberman pinscher named Pyro. Of course, when your lifestyle is as fast-paced as Jenner's, it's comforting to have your pet aboard your own private jet. 

4. Jennie Kim

It's no secret that Jennie Kim loves Chanel. She's constantly sporting looks from the French fashion house, from bags to clothes and accessories. For a recent trip to Paris—where she met up with Kirsten Stewart—Jennie brought along a gorgeous Chanel necklace which she paired with a red monochromatic outfit. Perfect for the City of Love indeed!

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5. Pia Wurtzbach

One of our top beauty queens has been travelling a lot lately! She and her beau, Jeremy Jauncey, were spotted everywhere from Turkey to Dubai. As they are known to be avid voyagers, so this comes as no surprise. It is, however, incredibly inspiring to see the former Miss Universe carry a book with her as she travels through the Middle East. Her current read seems to be Peter Frankopan's The Silk Roads: A New History of the World

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