From a handcrafted yoga mat to an ultra-chic bottle by Prada, here is a list of gym bag essentials for the stylish fitness enthusiast

This story was originally published on March 2, 2020, and updated on October 12, 2021.


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Dior x Air Jordan 1 sneakers

Hit the gym in these stylish limited-edition sneakers which are a new take on classic sports styles. First revealed at the Dior Men's Pre-Fall 2020 show last December, it will be released in April, together with a full line of athleisure clothing and accessories.

It's fastest fingers first for those looking to get their hands on the rare low-tops as only 4,700 pairs will be available—the number was decided in homage to Christian Dior's launch of the brand's new look in 1947. In addition to that, only 8,500 high-tops will be available in the market, a number that was also decided based on the Jordan 1 release back in 1985. 

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Fendi tote

This Fendi tote would make the perfect gym bag thanks to its large size. There's more than enough room in the bag to fit all your toiletries, accessories and a change of clothes—which is especially helpful when you need to transition into your post-gym look after your workout session.

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Chakracarma yoga mat

Wind down on the world's most exclusive yoga mat by Chakracarma, which is designed to elevate your experience by aligning your chakras and drawing you closer to the universe.

Choose from a selection of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opals, ambers and carnelians, each carrying a specific vibration that can give your chakras a boost, and embedded in vegetable-tanned leather and handcrafted with custom engravings and dedications. 

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Byredo hair fragrance

Freshen up quickly after your workout with Byredo's hair perfume, where just one spritz will go a long way after your dry shampoo routine. Available in 13 different scents, each formula also comes in a travel-sized option and helps to keep hair nourished and looking luminous all day. 

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Lululemon x Roksanda gymwear

Turn up your gym essentials with these bold pieces by Lululemon and fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic, as they have teamed up to unveil a capsule collection that might motivate you to hit your favourite fitness studio more often. 

From zip-up jackets with clean silhouettes to comfortable leggings that could help you stay on the treadmill for a longer time, the chic pieces are a fun way to introduce new designs and splashes of colour into your regular workout outfits. 

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Water bottle from Prada

Adequate hydration is paramount when it comes to working out, and if you think that there's no fashionable way to drink up—Prada intends to prove you wrong. The Italian luxury fashion house has released two ultra-chic stainless steel bottles available in either a matte silver finish or glossy black exterior, with handles on each side for easy attachment.  

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Valentino x Birkenstock sandals

Once your grip socks are removed after barre, slip into this pair of sandals by Valentino Garavani that was released in collaboration with German footwear brand Birkenstock. The sleek, monochromatic design is versatile enough to match your outfits—plus, Birkenstock's signature insoles are so comfortable to walk in, you could probably burn extra calories by getting to your post-workout meal spot on foot instead.

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Adidas x Zound Industries headphones

Work out to the heart-thumping beat of your gym playlist with these on- and in-ear headphones. Sports brand Adidas has made its foray into sound technology by collaborating with Swedish company Zound Industries to release two products designed to meet the demands of fitness enthusiasts. 

For those looking for headphones with a customised fit, the RPT-01 provides just that and comes fully equipped with 40 hours of playtime, together with a control knob for users to easily switch up the settings or songs. Both ear cushions and inner headband are also removable for users to wash after an intense workout.  

Similar to the RPT-01, the FWD-01 is also completely wireless with 16 hours of playtime and comes with interchangeable ear tips and wings. The earbuds are also magnetic which allows for less movement for those who are on the go, and its knit cord is sweatproof with a three-button remote for easy control. 

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Hydrogen Optimized Water Bottle

Hydrate yourself in between and after your workouts with the new molecular hydrogen technology water bottle that turns regular water into fresh hydrogen rich water with just a touch of the button.

Using only the most advanced SPE (solid poly electrolytic) PEM (proton exchange membrane) technology to generate up to 2000 PPB Hydrogen Antioxidant concentration in normal water, the technology utilised by the HOW bottle produces 100 per cent pure and safe hydrogen-rich water without the by-products such as ozone, chlorine, and other oxides, which can be detrimental to health. 

Known to be beneficial for health, the Hydrogen Optimized Water helps to neutralise free radicals, build stronger immune systems, suppress inflammation and growth of cancer cells and many more.


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