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From Louis Vuitton to Versace, cruise or flip in style with one of these luxurious decks

The deck of a skateboard isn’t simply the part of the board you ride on, it’s a ridable piece of art—it’s iconography. Whether you are just out for a cruise or doing tricks on your board, you can certainly look stylish while doing it. 

From Versace to Louis Vuitton, these skateboards decks are the perfect pieces to show off your style: upscale or simply edgy. 

Keep scrolling for Tatler Singapore’s top picks for some of the most stylish decks to ride on.

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To kick off our list, we have Versace}s Crete de Fleur printed skateboard. Embellished with the classic print featuring the iconic Medusa head in gold and accented with black from ’90s era Versace, it is one of the most recognisable vintage logo prints of the brand. 

The print appears not only on the base of the deck but also on the grip tape placed on the deck, highlighting Versace’s irreverent aesthetic at a glance. 

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Louis Vuitton

Another stylish deck to consider is the Classic Monogram Skateboard from Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Designed by artistic designer Virgil Abloh, this skateboard features the maison’s beloved monogram engraved all over a maple wood deck. Not only does this design pay homage to street culture but it also showcases the brand’s refined sense of craftsmanship. 

On top of its wheels engraved with the Louis Vuitton logo, this skateboard carries all the classic elements that distinguish the French luxury house such as its insignia on the trucks, as well as the monogram flower screws.

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Our next pick is the Cavalcadour short board from Hermès. Made from the famous Vosges Maple wood, this cruiser is true to the form of the house’s commitment to craftsmanship. 

Printed with the image of intertwining colourful belts reminiscent of the vivacious aesthetics of Hermès silk scarves, it undoubtedly has the brand’s signature all over it.

Whether you are taking a long ride down one of Singapore’s many Park Connector Networks or making your way through the city, this is the perfect board for it.

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Globe Skateboards from Inlinex Singapore

As we pivot from the upscale brands, our next pick is on our list is Globe’s Max Löffler Pintail Longboard. This stunning deck is designed by the post-punk graphic artist, Löffler. It features all his signature elements of existential sci-fi and metallic gold detailing that accentuates his graphics.

With its daring use of warm colours set against the nebulous aubergine, this board is an edgy statement piece for all your rides. 

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Yow Surfskate Board from The Ride Side

And, last and certainly not least, is the increasingly popular surfskate board. For that, we turn to the Yow Chiba Meraki Surfskate board. It features a beautiful illustration of a Shinto shrine post alongside classic Japanese elements like the Temari paper and blooming cherry blossoms. A sublime print made to look like ukiyo-e paintings of Edo era Japan, this board is a stylish homage to Japanese art.

Making sharp carves and seamless cruising across Singapore couldn’t be more stylish with this wildly Japanese influenced deck design. 

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