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Cue the iconic Harold Faltermeyer theme music. The long-awaited, once delayed sequel to the 1986 box-office smash will finally premiere in May this year.

Postponed last year due to the coronavirus, Top Gun: Maverick will finally hit cinemas in May. As we count down to the day it arrives with bated breath, we will just have to make do with a new trailer. 

If you're a child (or teenager) of the '80s, you'll remember Top Gun fondly as one of the movies that define the decade of excess. Its good-guy-vs-bad-guy premise of a smug hero struggling with loss may be overly simplistic, but the Tony Scott-directed action film boasts mesmerising never-before-seen aerial stunt sequences that continue to look impressive today. It was a giant box-office hit—in fact, the highest grossing film of 1986—complete with a killer soundtrack album that produced such hits as Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins and the bedroom classic Take My Breath Away by Berlin.

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Despite how massive it was, it would take Paramount another 24 years to greenlit a sequel. Tom Cruise returns in the lead role of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. New cast members include Miles Teller as Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw, the son of Maverick's former wingman Goose who died in the first movie, Glen Powell as pilot trainee Hangman, Jon Hamm as vice admiral Cyclone, and Jennifer Connelly filling the shoes of original female protagonist Kelly McGillis.

The new trailer reveals Maverick returning to Top Gun after being recommended by former rival Iceman to train the graduates for a special mission. There are scenes that recall memorable moments from the first movie—Maverick riding his motorbike, Maverick riding his motorbike with new love interest Penny (Connelly), a beach volleyball game and of course, lots of jaw-dropping aerial stunt sequences that already promise to be a level or two above what we saw in the first movie. Missing is an impromptu singing by Maverick in a bar—in the first movie, Maverick belted You've Lost That Loving Feeling to get McGillis' Charlie's attention.

Watch the new trailer below:

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