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This new collaboration between the Singapore Zoo and SPCA will have dogs receiving training, fostering and adoption support

If you are in the market for a new fur friend and are looking to adopt, good news because the Singapore Zoo and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) have started a collaboration to shine a light on shelter dogs and to help them find forever homes with families.

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The programme, Furever Yours, aims to help Singapore Special dogs that have been at the SPCA shelter for a longer period of time to get adopted by providing them with training, fostering and adoption support from the team behind Singapore Zoo’s Animal Friends Show.

Singapore Specials refer to dogs that are a result of various dog breeds mingling and mating on the streets. The programme will be targeting these dogs because many of them have trouble finding homes. 

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These dogs will be introduced to basic obedience training while learning behaviours that will help them in life as well as ease veterinary care procedures. They will be taken on buggy rides and walks around the zoo and will even join in the Animal Friends Show.

“The dogs are introduced to a gentler form of training called positive reinforcement which is entirely voluntary. For cooperating in a variety of behaviours, they earn rewards which make training fun and enriching for both the dog and the trainer,” explains Gail Laule, the director of Animal Presentations at Wildlife Reserves Singapore. “In nurturing a more loving and sociable demeanour in dogs which have experienced rejection and abandonment, we are confident that they can become adoptable.”

The aim is to showcase the intelligence of these animals and to advocate for responsible pet ownership that emphasises adoption rather than shopping for pets. Of course, caring for and training these pups is a full-time job which is why the Animal Friends Show will only be welcoming one SPCA dog at a time.

Currently, the Singapore Zoo and SPCA are taking care of a Singapore Special called Bruce, the first shelter dog selected by SPCA for the pilot programme.

Bruce was rescued by the SPCA in May 2016. He was found wandering the streets wearing a choke chain and was assessed to have been likely abandoned.

If you are thinking of adopting a dog and loving them through a ‘ruff time, you can visit SPCA to find out more and to begin the adoption process

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