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What's Park Seo-joon been up to nowadays?

For yet another edition of Hallyu Hangouts, Smart (co-presented by Viu) brought together Korean actor and brand ambassador Park Seo-joon together with his Filipino fans. In a live virtual meet-and-greet, the What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? star caught up with the press about his filming schedule, latest hobbies, the challenges of being an actor, and much more.

When asked how he spends his time during the pandemic, the actor shared that apart from his recent filming stint in London, back home in Korea, he spends his days with family or his dog Simba who is now five years old.

Park joked that counting dog years, he and the adorable bichon frise are just about the same age and that they especially enjoy doing nothing together; in fact, the actor revealed that he’s not too interested in training Simba, fearing the dog may end up too stressed.

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Park Seo-joon for Smart Hallyu Hangouts
Above Park Seo-joon for Smart Hallyu Hangouts

While the actor takes a relaxed approach as a pet owner, he’s quite the opposite with work. Being in the industry for almost 10 years now, Park mentioned he's never dreamed of pursuing another career.

Audiences worldwide have seen the Korean star rise to fame with hit titles like Itaewon Class, Fight For My Way, She Was Pretty, Midnight Runners, and more.

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Though known for his strength in delivering heart-wrenching lines, Park has certainly had his fair share of high octane action scenes. ‘What’s the secret to being an action star?’, he was asked. To which he quickly responded that it’s really all about memorising choreography. “It helps that I like to exercise,” Park said. “And, if you add in good editing, it works out pretty well for me.”

Among the characters he’s played, he related that he was most opposite from Lee Young-jun (WWWSK), a vain megalomaniac Chairman. While Lee is forward, confident, and enjoys being the centre of attention, Park mentioned he's rather shy.

Although it was daunting, the challenge of bringing that character to life made the process enjoyable as he got to try new things and push himself. Yet, the actor had to admit that he wasn't too keen on watching playbacks or reels from the hit show.

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Those who tuned in during the event were certainly delighted to learn more about Park Seo-joon, especially since the actor has shot to global fame having been cast in the upcoming The Marvels movie.

Currently, he is enjoying a break from filming but will soon resume working on upcoming movies such as Dream, in which he stars with singer-actress IU, and Concrete Utopia - amongst many in the pipeline.

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When asked what his goal in life was, the actor shared, “there are many, but it can all be summed up as trying to be a good person . . . someone who does his work well, who is a good influence [not only to fans but also to his family - as a son].”

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Park Seo-joon for Smart Hallyu Hangouts
Above Park Seo-joon for Smart Hallyu Hangouts

While fans wait with bated breath for Park's return to both TV and the silver screen, it looks like the actor is nothing but busy honing his craft. Till then, we'll all be on the lookout for more adorable snaps with Simba and behind-the-scene moments from PSJ's latest filming set. 

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