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Let’s face it, who doesn't love a good rom-com?

Romantic comedies often get a bad rep for being cheesy and unbearably corny but if we’re being honest, there are just some days that’s exactly what we need. Tune out the haters and indulge in these cute, swoon-worthy Korean dramas that tick all the right (albeit cliché) boxes.

Spoiler alert: all of them feature uber-stunning lead actors in the most mundane of occupations. Looking for a handsome MMA fighter? A hunky game developer? Or perhaps a model-esque con artist? There are all sorts of knights in shining armour to find on this list and they’re all equally paired with drop-dead-gorgeous damsels (who aren’t quite in distress). From a designer-clad dentist, a cute and quirky weightlifter, and even a literally out-of-this-world stunning mermaid wandering Seoul—these female leads will capture your hearts just as easily.

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Give in to your guilty pleasure and start binging these shows for some well-deserved good vibes:

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Lee Sung-kyung as Kim Bok-joo, a loveable weightlifter
Nam Joo-hyuk as Jung Joon-hyung, a laid-back Olympic swimmer

Watch for: adorable exchanges between the leads and a general lack of mind-boggling plot twists. From friends to lovers, the two athletes traverse the world of competitive sports while getting to know each other and their respective worries in life. Among the shows on this list, you may find Weightlifting Fairy to be one of the funniest and most relaxing to binge.

2. Mr. Queen

Shin Hye-sun as Kim So-yung, a modern-day chef trapped in a queen’s body
Kim Jung-hyung as King Cheoljong, a politically challenged King for the people

Watch for: the hilarious antics between the queen and king. Actress Shin hye-sun outperforms almost everyone in the drama by pulling off one gender-bending comedic sketch after the other. Watch 'Queen' So-yung recreate modern-day ramen in the royal kitchen much to the chagrin of court-appointed chefs, among many other fun moments in the show.

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3. Oh My Venus

Shin Min-ah as Kang Joo-eun, lawyer; nickname: Venus of Daegu
So Ji-sub as Kim Young-ho, sought-after fitness trainer, heir to a conglomerate 

Watch for: uber-cute workout sequences and the lead’s relatable fitness journey. Shin Min-ah plays a loveable lawyer who is eager to shed the pounds and regain her youthful charm. In the process, of course, she finds an attractive fitness instructor who just happens to be a secret chaebol heir.

4. Yumi’s Cells

Kim Go-eun as Kim Yu-mi, a mid-level accountant who is skeptical of love
Ahn Bo-hyun as Go-woong, a laidback game developer

Watch for: the amazing animation of Yumi and Go-woong’s ‘cells’—think Disney’s Inside Out but made for adults. As the leads go through the paces of a new romance, so do their cells who struggle to function whenever an awkward situation occurs between the new lovers.

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5. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Shin Min-ah as Yoon Hye-jin, a dentist with a passion for excel sheets and designer clothing
Kim Seon-ho as Hong Banjang/ Hong Du-sik, an all-around handyman with a mysterious past

Watch for: the total K-drama package. This recently concluded series brought to life the picturesque town of Gongjin and its endearing residents. Hometown Cha Cha Cha offers the perfect balance between lighthearted and emotional scenes that will have you bursting into tears and laughter every single episode.

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6. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Park Min-young as Kim Mi-seo, perfect and polished secretary to Lee Young-joon
Park Seo-jun as Lee Young-joon, a conceited and cold Vice Chairman (with a secret, of course)

Watch for: sizzling chemistry between the leads. You may encounter many fans who cite this series as their favourite rom-com, owing largely to the incredible pairing of the two actors. Park Min-young and Park Seo-jun deliver comedic and romantic scenes with remarkable ease. Their kissing scene in this series is lauded as one of the best in K-drama land. Find that hard to believe? 331 million views on Youtube may help convince you.

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7. Strong Woman Do Boong Soon

Park Bo-young as Do Bong-soon, a charming bodyguard with superhuman strength
Park Hyung-sik as An Min-hyuk, cheerful CEO to a gaming company

Watch for: the aegyo overload between Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young. It’s not very often K-drama land offers viewers a bubbly male lead but this one hit it out of the park. For those who’ve had enough of the mysterious brooding ML meets clumsy innocent FL trope, then this show will be right up your alley. Cheesy cute confessions and hyperbolic action scenes are in store if you’re ready to give this show a binge.

8. True Beauty

Moon Ka-young as Im Ju-kyung, a transfer student who is afraid to reveal her true look without make-up
Cha Eun-woo as Lee Soo-ho, campus heartthrob who is cold and incredibly smart

Watch for: one of K-drama world’s most hotly-debated love triangles. Throwing a wrench in an otherwise smooth-sailing pairing is Han Seo-jun (played by Hwang In-yeop), who just happens to be the male lead’s estranged best friend. Who will Ju-kyung eventually end up with? All is revealed in the finale.

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9. Legend of the Blue Sea

Jun Ji-hyun as Sim Cheong, just a drop-dead-gorgeous mermaid lost in Seoul
Lee Min-ho as Jeo Joon-jae, con artist and reluctant mermaid protector

Watch for: literal fish-out-of-water moments with highest-paid actress Jun Ji-hyun. Together with industry veteran Lee Min-ho, the two actors work up a storm of romantic chemistry on-screen as their characters face their destiny as star-crossed lovers.

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10. Fight for My Way

Kim Ji-won as Choi Ae-ra, a mall concierge with dreams of being a TV announcer
Park Seo-jun as Ko Dong-man, disgraced MMA fighter looking to get back into the ring

Watch for: slice-of-life and relatable content. This drama explores themes of passion, friendship, and purpose with wonderful nuance and character development. Long-time best friends Ae-ra and Dong-man struggle to make their dreams a reality. Suddenly, something more develops between them. Loaded with awkward and funny scenarios, this show will definitely have you chuckling your way to the finale.

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11. Her Private Life

Park Min-young as Sung Deok-mi, fashionable art curator by day, fangirl by night
Kim Jae-wook as Ryan Gold, suave and nonchalant art director (with a secret as well)

Watch for: the relaxed romance trope between the leads. Ryan Gold carefully adjusts to the discovery of Deok-mi’s rather eccentric hobby as a covert fan girl. Between them, a unique bond is forged as they learn deep truths about each other.

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