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If you're not already following this chic princess on Instagram, what are you waiting for?

When we talk about royal It girls, the names that come to mind are always Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. However, there are many other royals around the world that are just as influential and notable as the British duo that are worth taking note of.

One of them is Princess Alessandra of Hanover. Also known as Sassa de Osma, she is a member of the Hanoverian royal family through her marriage to the German Prince Christian of Hanover.

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This princess hails from Peru and is well-loved by many who have crowned her one of the most stylish and glamorous European royals today. 

If you haven’t heard of Princess Alessandra yet, here’s what you need to know and why you should already be following her on Instagram.

1. Princess Alessandra comes from a very elite family

While Princess Alessandra married into royalty, the 34-year-old comes from one of Peru’s oldest and most elite families herself.

Her father is Felipe Juan Luis de Osma Berckemeyer, who is an executive at a Peruvian cash management firm. Berckemeyer’s family also owns an incredible amount of land in Lima, where the Berckemeyer House, their grand estate, is situated.

The land also has the Museo Pedro de Osma, which used to be a family vacation home that Berckemeyers turned into one of the city’s most expansive art museums.

2. Princess Alessandra used to model

Like her mother Elizabeth María Foy Vásquez, Princess Alessandra is a former model. When she was 16, she was signed to Ford Models in New York. She modelled for big names such as Missoni and Bottega Veneta.

Eventually, the princess gave up her career and went to study law at the University of Lima. She then did her Master’s degree in fashion and business management at the University of Navarra.

3. She has her own fashion brand

In 2018, Princess Alessandra and a friend launched their own fashion brand, Moi & Sass. Moi & Sass sells handbags and leather goods made in Spain and the brand is continuing to go strong with the Princess seizing every opportunity to promote it. 

As an Instagram influencer, Alessandra is also a huge fan of travelling and frequently posts pictures on Instagram of her trips around Europe and on her family estates.

4. She and her husband are childhood sweethearts

In 2005, Princess Alessandra met Prince Christian of Hanover when she was only 14 and he was vacationing in Peru. She became his tour guide during his stay in her hometown. The pair immediately connected and stayed in touch until 2011, when they started dating. 

In 2017, the Prince proposed and the pair had an extravagant royal wedding the following year. It was attended by both esteemed members of the royal family as well as celebrities, such as Kate Moss, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Talita von Fürstenberg, and Princess Olympia of Greece. 

The civil ceremony took place in London first, and the couple later had their nuptials celebrated at the Basilica of San Pedro in Lima.

5. The couple have two children

In 2020, the royal couple welcomed twins, Nicolas and Sofia, to their family.

While the children have largely been kept out of the spotlight, we do know that the babies were born in Madrid and that Princess Alessandra’s mother travelled to Spain for the birth of her first two grandchildren. 


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