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From ‘Stranger Things 4: Volume 1’ to the second season of ‘Bling Empire’, here are the best new shows and movies to catch this month on the streaming platform

This month on Netflix, expect new seasons of beloved titles, including Stranger Things, Bling Empire and Love, Death & Robots. Several book-to-movie adaptations are also dropping, including teen romance Along for the Ride and law drama The Lincoln Lawyer.

Those in search of non-English titles can look forward to the Swedish crime series Clark; the Hindi-language action-thriller Thar; and The Sound of Magic, a Korean drama.

Read on for our list of the best Netflix shows and films to stream in May 2022. 

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1. Clark

Clark tells the story of Clark Olofsson (Bill Skarsgard), a convicted Swedish criminal who was involved in a 1973 Stockholm bank robbery that famously inspired the phrase “Stockholm Syndrome”. The description refers to a psychological bond that hostages develop with their captors.

The Swedish-language drama series depicts Olofsson and his incredible life journey—and how despite carrying out drug trafficking, attempted murder, assault, theft and dozens of bank robberies, he managed to fool all of his home country and get it on his side.

Release: May 5

2. The Sound of Magic

In the Korean drama series The Sound of a Magic, magician Rieul (Ji Chang-wook)—who lives in an abandoned theme park—meets a disillusioned teen, Yoon Ah-yi (Choi Sung-eun). From a young age, Yoon had wanted to be a magician. After their paths cross, both of their lives change.

Release: May 6

3. Thar

This Indian neo-western series is about veteran cop Surekha Singh, who seizes the chance to prove himself as a worthy police officer. He initiates an investigation into a series of killings that have shaken a sleepy desert town.

Thar stars real-life father-duo Anil Kapoor and Harsh Varddhan Kapoor.

Release: May 6

4. Along for the Ride

Along for the Ride is a film based on the 2009 young adult novel by Sarah Dessen. It follows the story of Auden (Emma Pasarow), a teenage girl about to head to college, who meets Eli (Belmont Cameli), a charming and mysterious fellow insomniac. The two embark on nightly adventures, where Eli challenges Auden to live out her childhood dreams.

Release: May 6

5. Bling Empire Season 2

Bling Empire returns for a second season. The massively successful reality series, first released in 2021, follows the lives of a group of glamorous, uber-rich Los Angeles socialites of Asian descent.

This season, the tension between Kevin and Kim intensifies, while Cherie and Jessy’s relationship is on the rocks. Kevin and Kane’s friendship is tested. Meanwhile, rivals Christine and Anna bring more drama to the table.

Release: May 13

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6. The Lincoln Lawyer

In legal drama series The Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), an idealistic criminal defense lawyer, runs his practice out of the back of his chauffeured Lincoln Town Car, taking on cases big and small across Los Angeles.

It is based on a series of bestselling novels by Michael Connelly, notably 2008’s The Brass Verdict

Release: May 13

7. Senior Year

Rebel Wilson stars in this comedy film as Stephanie Conway, a young high school cheerleader. When a stunt goes wrong, the 17-year-old ends up in a coma.

Two decades later, she wakes up to find herself in her late 30s—and having never finished high school. She then decides to return to school to fulfill her dream of becoming prom queen.

Release: May 13

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8. Love, Death & Robots: Volume 3

Love, Death & Robots is a much-lauded collection of animated short series—it won an Emmy Award in Outstanding Short Form Animated Program in 2019. The science fantasy explores a variety of themes, including alternate histories and life for robots in a post-apocalyptic city.

This month sees the release of its new season, where the themes continue. 

Release: May 20

9. Stranger Things 4: Volume 1

After a three-year wait, the popular science fiction and horror drama series Stranger Things is back with its fourth season.

This season takes place six months after the Battle of Starcourt, which brought destruction to Hawkins, a fictional small town where the show is set.

A new and horrifying supernatural threat surfaces, as the main characters—a group of young friends—navigate the complexities of high school.

Release: May 27

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