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Netflix is treating us with a refreshing historical drama this month in The King’s Affection. We list down the reasons why you’ll love this new K-drama

Netflix sure is diversifying its K-drama offerings: a healing drama in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, a dramatic series in D.P., a survival show in Squid Game and an action drama in My Name. Now, it’s time for a historical drama in The King’s Affection.

The newest K-drama follows an abandoned female twin (Park Eun-bin) who has to disguise herself as her crown prince brother, Yi Hwi who passed away. She is tutored by Jung Ji-un (Rowoon) and the two become fatefully intertwined with one another all while Yi Hwi keeps her disguise.

We list down some of the reasons why The King’s Affection is a must-watch.

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1. Gender bender story set in the past

It’s not the first time that a saeguk (historical) drama centres around a gender bender story—think Love in the Moonlight. But The King’s Affection’s charm is that the person in disguise is actually the rightful heir to the throne?

Oftentimes, historical dramas have the king falling in love with a member of the court of an outsider but this time, it will be a King (or rather a king in disguise) that will fall in love with her royal tutor.

The King’s Affection is a story filled with misfortunate but at the same time, a heart-fluttering a dizzying historical romance.

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2. The loveable main leads

The King’s Affection boasts colourful cast members—those who have been in the industry for a while and up and coming actors. Park Eun-bin is no stranger to historical dramas or dramas in general as she has been acting since she was five years old.

Flourishing into a talented actress who has done plenty of different roles, playing a king in disguise is new territory for Park. She will put on a fine line between playing king and a maiden.

Playing her love interest and royal tutor Jung Ji-un, is the rising actor and SF9 member, Rowoon, who is slowly making his mark as a romantic lead after starring in Extraordinary You. The King’s Affection marks his first historical drama and it will surely open a new chapter in the actor's career.

Together, these two lovable main leads will portray an emotionally charged story that will either make us laugh and cry.

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3. The interesting supporting cast

A K-drama is not complete without the supporting cast. Park and Rowoon will be joined by Nam Yoon-su, playing the role of Yi-hyun who knows of Yi Hwi’s secret and decides to protect her. Nam is best known for his role in Netflix's Extracurricular.

Taking on the role of the king's bodyguard, Kim Ga-on is Choi Byung-chan. A quiet person, bound by duty. It’ll be interesting to see how this mysterious character develops especially when he finds out that the king he's sworn to protect isn't actually a king at all.

Other supporting cast members include Shin So-eun (Bae Yoon-kyung), the only daughter of the Minister of Interior Affairs who’s strong-willed and skilful. Upon falling for Ji-un, she has to choose if she wants to follow her heart of the rise to the position of a crown princess.

Making the story more complicated is Noh Ha-kyung (Jung Chae-yeon), the youngest daughter of the Minister of Warfare. Yi Hwi is her first love, but that’s the real Yi Hwi, not Yi Hwi in disguise. She believes that her first love will finally come true when she was chosen as a potential bride for the king...who is not actually a king.

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4. Can you keep a secret?

At the core of The King’s Affection is keeping a secret. Among all the characters, Yi Hwi is the one that wields the biggest secret but as the story progresses, other characters will soon reveal their own.

As such, there will be two sides to the story: the secret keepers and the secret exposers. Hwi will do everything to keep her secret and with that, she needs to face those who dig into her weakness and try to threaten her power.

Amid such a fierce fight for power, a heart-fluttering romance balances the narrative. While we can anticipate the obvious pairing of Park and Rowoon, we can also look forward to the dizzying love triangles (or squares) that will take place.

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5. The romance master director

The King’s Affection is helmed by director Song Hyun-wook, renowned for his numerous works on romance. These include many masterpieces such as Marriage Not Dating, Another Miss Oh and the Beauty Inside.

The director is known for his delicate and ambient directing style, so working on a historical romance drama set in the imperial palace is a challenge for him. But it’s also exciting to see how he will bring his expertise on romance dramas to The King’s Affection and illustrate the charm of the characters.

The King’s Affection airs every Monday and Tuesday on Netflix.



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