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Grab some snacks, gather your loved ones, and celebrate the Raya season with these local gems

Netflix is treating its viewers to three highly-anticipated Malaysian films, released just in time for families and friends to kembali bersama this Raya.

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From April 27, members globally can look forward to more authentic and fascinating Malaysian stories with the release of the feel-good, heartwarming comedy film Kongsi Raya, the critically acclaimed black-and-white feature Prebet Sapu, which tells of life on the fringes of Kuala Lumpur, and Showtime 1958, a visually-stunning period film that takes you back to the golden age of Malaysian cinema, premiering exclusively on Netflix.

Kongsi Raya

In a match made in culinary heaven, Jack (Wilson Lee), a Chinese chef who's in line to succeed his family's restaurant, and Sharifah (Qasrina Karim), a TV producer, are in love, but they must first break the barrier of cultural differences between their families. Their efforts turn sour and make their long-feuding chef fathers challenge each other to a cook-off in a live TV cooking competition showdown. Can they mend and persuade their fathers to come in terms?

Kongsi Raya premieres on Netflix on April 27, 2022. Stream it here.

Prebet Sapu (Hail, Driver!)

Aman (Amerul Affendi) drives an old car inherited from his late father from Pahang to Kuala Lumpur to follow his dreams of becoming a writer. Struggling to find a job and homeless, he uses his room on wheels to work illegally as an e-hailing driver as he does not have a proper driving license since he is colour blind. One night, he meets another urban-poor soul, Bella (Lim Mei Fen), an escort who offers him a place to stay. In return, he must become her private driver for her night jobs.

Prebet Sapu premieres on Netflix on May 1, 2022. Stream it here.

Showtime 1958

Showtime 1958 is a two-hour historical drama inspired by true events, featuring stories that unfold during a 24-hour period which takes place during a crucial time for the Malay film industry based in the Jalan Ampas Studio which was owned by Shaw Brothers. In it, director P. Ramlee organises a variety show to raise funds for fellow performers who lost their jobs before Eid.

Showtime 1958 premieres on Netflix on May 3, 2022. Stream it here.

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