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Mamamoo's Wheein released her second mini-album, Whee and says that it’s the coordinates that show where she’s headed next

K-pop singer and Mamamoo member, Wheein kicks off 2022 with the release of her second mini-album, Whee. It marks her first project since leaving the label, RBW and joining THE L1VE for her solo activities while staying as a member of Mamamoo.

But it also ushers in a fresh start for Wheein who says that the album embodies the mystic, enigmatic and colourful light of her musicality. For one, Wheein is more heavily involved in creating the album. She also gets to work with Vixx’s Ravi, the head of her new label. If the album’s name says anything, it’s that this release feels most personal to her.

In an exclusive interview with Tatler, Wheein shares about being able to express her identity in the new album, her experience working with Ravi and what she hopes fans will feel after listening to Whee.

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Congratulations on your new mini-album, Whee! Compared to your first mini-album, what’s different this time around?

First of all, thank you for the congratulations! I created this album to have more tracks that are easier to listen to than the previous album. Also, I hope this album could be seen as an album that shows my growth since I’ve participated in every part of the production.

This is your first solo release under THE L1VE, how has the experience been working with them?

After moving to my current company, the “Wheein team” was formed. The atmosphere and vibe were very good which could have been why I was very happy while working.

The title, Whee alludes to your name. Is there any other reason that you named your second mini-album, Whee?

The letter “Hwi” in my name means “to shine” so I named the album after it and tried to express my own identity with the light.

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There are six tracks for Whee. Can you tell us more about where you got the inspiration for the songs?

This is an album that contains and represents my identity so I tried to include items that symbolise me as the key themes. All the inspiration and sources for the album are from myself.

Among the six tracks, is there one that you particularly feel strongly about?

I’d pick track five, Pastel. I like it the most because I think it’s a track that has my kind of hip-hop vibe with some sensibility.

“I hope my fans will see this album as coordinates of where I will be heading as an artist”

One of the songs, Letter Filled With Light, is a continuation of your first mini-album, Redd. Is this something that you deliberately chose to do to connect the two mini-albums?

Yes, it’s an extension of Springtime from the Redd album. I wanted to share my own words and gratitude with my fans so I wrote the lyrics myself. I hope my fans can feel it.

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You worked with Ravi, the head of your label in making some of the songs. Which of you initiated the collaboration and what was the experience like?

Ravi is the head of my label and since this album was the first one I’m releasing after moving labels, he really cared. He participated in this album more than his own work with the music but also in the small details. Since he’s a leader and also a musician at the same time, I have a lot to learn from him as an artist.

What kind of Wheein can fans expect from Whee?

They’ll see a stronger Whee with more positive energy through this album. I also think the fans can look forward to Wheein’s wider scope in music in the future once they’ve listened to this album.

What do you hope listeners will get out of listening to Whee?

I hope my fans will see this album as coordinates of where I will be heading as an artist. I also hope that they look forward to more various forms and looks of Wheein in the future.

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Listen to Wheein’s new mini-album, Whee on Spotify

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