Cover K-pop band WEi talks about their new album series (Photo: OUI Entertainment/Maxperience)

The South Korean six-piece opens up about their journey following the launch of their brand new album, Love Pt.1: First Love

Rising K-pop stars WEi just kicked off their second album series, Love—no mean feat for a band that’s only just approaching its second anniversary. 

The six-member boy band comprises Jang Dae-hyeon, Kim Dong-han, Yoo Yong-ha, Kim Yo-han, Kang Seok-hwa and Kim Jun-seo. Love Pt.1: First Love, released in March 16, is the first album to be launched in the Love series. The album features six tracks, inspired by first love. 

WEi’s first album trilogy, Identity, was released from 2020 to 2021. Centred around growth and identity, the series garnered steady a fanbase for the band across South Korea. 

Here, the six members tell Tatler the making of their brand new release.

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What was the inspiration behind the Love series?

Yoo Yong-ha (YYH): We wanted to show our new side through the theme of a love story that everyone has experienced at least once in their lives.

What’s different about this album compared to your older ones? 

Kim Jun-seo (KJS): Since this is our fourth album, I want to show you my professional side and how I’ve grown through this fresh start.

Kim Yo-han (KYH): I hope that the theme of love will reach the public more, and I hope it will become an opportunity to introduce the group to more people.

Kang Seok-hwa (KSH): If the Identity series served as a way to get to know us, I think the Love series would be one that will help promote us to a wider audience.

Why did you choose Too Bad as your title track?

KJS: In line with the album’s theme, it expresses the emotions that arise from first love. It’s a fresh song which I will appeal to many so I chose it as the title song.

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What are your favourite tracks from the new album?

YYH: I think Blossom is the best [written by Jang Dae-hyeon]. Do-hyeon’s songs are always written with the members in mind, so I can relate to the song.

JDH: For me, it’s Super Bumpy. Our take on the hip-hop genre seems to have gotten better.

KSH: I like Too Bad the most. It’s a song with a sound that we haven’t heard recently, and I think it’s even better because it’s something we made with our own feelings in mind.

KYH: Bad Night is the best song to describe first love, the theme of this album, so I think it’s a good song to listen to all day long.

What’s it like for the band to work together? 

KSH: We always talk a lot to understand what each other is thinking. In the team, there’s Jang Dae-hyeon, who composes and writes lyrics, and Kim Dong-han (KDH) who creates the choreography—they’re [our] “older brothers” who always think of the members and our work.

Jang Dae-hyeon, you revealed your producing skills in composing and writing the track Blossom. Was there anything you particularly enjoyed?

JDH: I always put a lot of thought when I work on new music. I always try to write while thinking about the feeling that suits the members. The fun memories include recording with the members and even though we were serious, but would occasionally be joking around.

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How have you grown since the beginning? 

KDH: I was surprised by how quickly the time has passed. As WEi, I have received so much love.

KJS: We were close even before our debut, but I think our relationship is stronger these days.

KSH: I thought that I knew the members well, but I felt that there was a lot more to know. I think that my personal abilities have deepened as well.

JDH: We seem to have gotten more and more of the feeling that we are gradually finding our own way.

YYH: We have developed our own stage presence compared to when we debuted, and we are looking forward to more developments in the future.

KYH: I feel a lot more confident on stage or while appearing on TV shows.

What do you hope fans will get out of Love Pt.1: First Love?

YYH: Since the theme of the album is first love, I hope that it will be an album that lets you fall in love with us. I hope you can feel the feelings of first love through the songs.

KYH:  I am sure there are people out there who have a crush but cannot confess [it to them]— so I hope that you will find comfort and courage while listening to our songs.

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You can listen to WEi’s ‘Love Pt.1: First Love’ on Spotify.

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