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Whether you and your partner are thrill-seekers or homebodies, here are some unique activities in Singapore to inspire you for your next date

This story was first published on September 11, 2020, and updated on September 14, 2021.

Coming up with exciting date ideas may already seem like a feat for some of us, but it is made even tougher amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, with venues and activities restricted for safety precautions. But fret not—we have scoured Singapore for some inspiring ideas to keep the flame alive. From the adrenaline-pumping to the intimate and romantic, here are some suggestions for your next date.

For the Romantics

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Couple onsen at Ikeda Spa

Get transported to a ryokan in Japan at Ikeda Spa, which brings the authentic Japanese onsen experience to Singapore. The bath uses hinoki—Japan’s prized cypress wood—which releases mineral oils with anti-bacterial properties and soothing, uplifting scents. Additionally, there are five bath salts, inspired by Japan’s famous hot spring regions, to choose from. After a private couple bath, opt for a relaxing massage from Ikeda Spa’s extensive menu to loosen your knots. Do note that the couple room is only available at Ikeda Spa’s Bukit Timah branch.

Find out more at Ikeda Spa.

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Sunset dinner cruise on the Royal Albatross

Set sail into the sunset with your other half on board this unique tall ship—one of about 150 in the world—which promises an evening of romance and adventure. You and your partner will be greeted with a welcome drink as you take in the sea breeze on the open-air deck before a three-course dinner, complete with live entertainment. The ship’s live entertainment and fireworks display have unfortunately been suspended temporarily amidst Covid-19 measures. However, the breathtaking view of the sun setting over the Southern islands of St John’s and Lazurus will definitely make up for it.

Find out more at Royal Albatross.

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Perfume-making at Maison 21G

Instead of gifting your loved one with a perfume, why not create one together? Homegrown bespoke perfumery Maison 21G offers Love Atelier, a couple workshop where you and your partner can each personalise a perfume to your liking, and then create a scent together with your favourite ingredients. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about each other, and also discover what unique creation will come out of it.

Find out more at Maison 21G

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Jewellery-making at Fat Anvil Studios

Jewellery is a great gift to commemorate important milestones, but it is even more memorable when you get to create it yourself. Local silversmith Fat Anvil Studios offers a private workshop for two, where you and your partner can spend some quality time soldering, filing, and polishing away to create a piece of jewellery—such as a promise ring—for one another. 925 sterling silver is used for this workshop, but you can also purchase gemstones to add to your creation—set by Fat Anvil Studios’ silversmiths.

Find out more at Fat Anvil Studios.

For the Sporty

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Zip-lining at Forest Adventure

Get your adrenaline pumping at Singapore’s largest treetop adventure park in Bedok Reservoir Park. The park’s Grand Course, designed for adults, will have you and your partner testing your coordination and navigating obstacles on the treetops, and swinging over the water on three breath-taking zip lines. Don’t miss the Big Zip—a 300-metre zip line that begins from a 14-metre-high platform and sends you flying over the reservoir.

Find out more at Forest Adventure.

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Ice-skating at The Rink

Recreate the romantic ice-skating scenes from the movies at The Rink, one of the only two ice-skating rinks in Singapore. The Rink stands out as the only Olympic-sized rink however, which allows it to host tournaments such as ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating and ice curling. While The Rink offers ice skating courses, you can also enjoy the rink recreationally during the public skating sessions. Just remember to check its calendar to find out when the rink is open to the public.

Find out more at The Rink.

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Rock-climbing at Climb Central

A relationship on the rocks takes on a new meaning here at Climb Central as you challenge your partner to make it to the top. Whether you have prior climbing experience, all guests are welcome and you can get started after a 15min safety briefing. If you and your other half would prefer a guided session, the gym also offers introductory classes over one and a half or two hours where you will learn how to use the safety systems and pick up some climbing tips. Who knows—this might just be the next hobby you can embark on together.

Find out more at Climb Central.

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Snow play at Snow City

Snow City may be a favourite for children and young families, but adults can have plenty of fun here too. And with travelling limited for the foreseeable future, the indoor snow theme park may just be the next best thing to spending winter overseas. Admissions include one or two hours of snow play where you can enjoy a playful snowball fight with your partner. Snow City also recently introduced a Winter Shooting Arena, where you can practice target shooting or take part in a close quarter battle for up to eight players—sounds like an idea for a group date!

Find out more at Snow City.

For the Novelty-Seekers

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Virtual escape room by The Fun Empire

Cooperate and get to the bottom of the mystery in this unique escape room, conducted completely online. Currently featured is Curse of the Werewolf, where you each play the descendants of the village chief and save your fellowmen by lifting the curse. The virtual escape room experience requires a minimum of two to play but can accommodate many more players. If you and your partner would prefer to solve the mystery in person however, The Fun Empire also offers the game as a real-life escape room experience. It requires a minimum of four to play, so call another couple and make it a double date!

Find out more at The Fun Empire.

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VR gaming at Headrock VR

Love games? Then Singapore’s first VR theme park is one not to be missed. Located at Resorts World Sentosa, Headrock VR offers over 11 attractions and games for you and your other half. The attractions are divided into three zones—Green, which features interactive games perfect for friends and family to play together; Orange, for the adrenaline junkie with adventurous experiences; and Blue, which boasts unique rides like rhythm game Beat Saber and Jump Jump, a jungle adventure.

Find out more at Headrock VR.

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Bungy jumping at AJ Hackett

“You jump, I jump.” Share the adrenaline rush as you take the plunge from 47 metres above ground at Sentosa. Options include the Bungy, the Giant Swing—which accommodates up to three—and the Top Swing. Both of you will receive an e-Certificate to commemorate the feat, as well as photos and videos for the ‘gram. If you’re feeling less adventurous, however, AJ Hackett also offers the world’s first full-time commercial Vertical Skywalk where you can walk vertically down its tower, and the Skybridge, which connects two towers.

Find out more at AJ Hackett.

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Indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore

We won’t be skydiving in Dubai or New Zealand anytime soon, but you can still experience the thrill of free-falling at iFly—the world’s largest themed wind tunnel. With an 18-feet tall acrylic glass wall, you and your other half can enjoy the breathtaking views of Siloso Beach and the South China Sea. The wind tunnel simulates falling through the air from 12,000 to 3,000 feet and you don’t even have to be a professional to enjoy it—professional training, guidance and gear are provided as part of the exhilarating experience. If you are feeling confident, you could even break out into a dance move or two together in the air.

Find out more at iFly Singapore.

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Smashing at Fragment Room

Need to break the ice on the first date? The Fragment Room will quite literally do the trick. Let go of all your inhibitions as you smash away together, with a baseball bat or crowbar in hand. A 'double package' at The Fragment Room will provide you and your partner with two crates of breakables to smash within 30min. To make the experience more enjoyable, you can even add on for items to be coated in neon paint, an unlimited number of glasses, or for an extra crate of breakables to unleash your rage. Protective gear is provided, which includes a helmet and/or full face mask, white coveralls, and cut-proof gloves.

Find out more at The Fragment Room.

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Dining in the dark at Nox

Enjoy an intimate dinner like no other—in the dark. With the lights out, Nox’s mystery set menu puts the highlight on taste and texture, teasing your palate with 12 unique dishes served over three courses. There are also options for wine, cocktail, or mocktail tasting, with up to three specially selected or created drinks to match each course of your dinner. With all distractions aside, focus on what’s in front of you—your meal, and your date.

Find out more at Nox Dine in the Dark.

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The Axe Factor

The Axe Factor Singapore is bringing the axe action to people looking for a way to vent their pent up frustrations and emotions after a long and busy week, and their introduction of the trending axe throwing decompression method will allow you to do just that. Run by founders Samuel Tey, Derrick Loo and Lewis Ng, The Axe Factor enables you to not only decompress and de-stress, but also explore and appreciate this nouvelle sport as a masterful craft that is akin to throwing darts but with higher stakes. This unconventional way of decompressing has attracted many members of the public, especially young people, and many companies also host team-building events like parties and corporate events.

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Palm Avenue Float Club

Calm the senses and reset your mind with your lover at the Palm Avenue Float Club, because love also means sharing those quiet moments to recharge together. This float club wants you to embrace "the art of doing nothing" through floatation therapy, which is a scientifically proven method of alleviating stress, speeding up physical and mental recovery, and rewiring the brain. You will spend an hour in your private float pod which creates a feeling of a womb-like cocoon around you and subsequently enter into a meditative state of relaxation and calm. You will certainly find that floating in a pool of soothing epsom salt will bring benefits to you such as reduced stress and anxiety, reduced back pain, sleep improvement and many more!

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For the Homebodies

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Home cinema with KinoLounge by Shaw Theatres

Still apprehensive about going to cinemas, but out of films to watch on Netflix? Consider a cosy movie night at home with KinoLounge, a virtual cinema platform by Shaw Theatres. The platform offers a rich collection of indie and art-house films, including French cinema and classics from P Ramlee. If you’re in need of recommendations, Singapore Film Society has also contributed a list of suggestions, with titles like She Dies Tomorrow, Swallow, and The Painter and the Thief available.

Find out more at KinoLounge.

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Private home dining by Personal Chef Singapore

When food deliveries just don’t cut it, consider getting a private chef to prepare a romantic dinner for two right at your home. Personal Chef Singapore offers a selection of menus that can be customised to your preferences, from French and Italian cuisine to an eight-course Chinese dinner and ten-course Chef’s Omakase inspired by Japan. The chef and his team will arrive and prepare the meal on site, which will be served course by course by a service butler. For the full experience, opt for tableware and decor. The team also offers a full cleaning service of the dining area and kitchen after your meal, so you and your partner can enjoy the rest of the night hassle-free.

Find out more at Personal Chef Singapore.

For the Creatives

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Art-jamming by Boulevart

You and your partner can now enjoy art jamming from the comfort of your home with Boulevart’s Art Jam kits. A starter kit provides all the materials you’ll need, along with an episode of your choice from the studio’s BoulveArt Jam painting tutorial series, while the Art Jam Explorer kit offers enough materials for several painting sessions, and access to all current and future episodes from the BoulveArt Jam series. For extra guidance, set up a private watercolour workshop session at your own time and place. The classes available include pet portraits, succulents, and lettering.

Find out more at Boulevart.

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Express Yourselves at Splat Paint House

Book a slot at Splat Paint House for you and your partner to express yourselves bound by no limits or rules. This space is said to be dedicated to playing, expression, and ultimately making an absolute mess. Get to know your partner or date more intimately through art whether it's by selecting a specific design you'd like to create, or have a Splat after dark, a UV edition paint party. 

Find out more at Splat House Paint


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Step into the Future at the ArtsScience Museum

This permanent exhibition brings alive magic, art, metaphor and science through digital interactive constellations. Be a part of the art installations and get the perfect picture Instagram-worthy picture with your loved one. The exhibition was partnered with TeamLab, a famous art collective that have focused on visuals of City in A Garden, Sanctuary, Park and Space. Head down to the ArtsScience Museum for a day of futuristic impressions and romantic moments. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, a limit of eight people bookings is to be adhered to. 

Find out more at ArtScience Museum 

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Heaven Spot

Reach into your inner art rebel and grab some cans with your date at Heaven Spot where you can let go of your inhibitions and spray paint to your hearts' desires. As Singapore's first graffiti warehouse, they want to encourage people to express themselves and their inner emotions through the medium of graffiti art as they believe that it is important to let go of any tension and frustration that one faces in life, and what better way to do it than through graffiti!

Find out more at Heaven Spot

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Spin Paint House

Get into the new contemporary art fad of spin painting at Spin Paint House where you can splatter paint on a spinning table and create different styles of paintings based on how fast or slow you go with their adjustable rotations per minute feature. You can either go at high RPM speed for amazing diffusion effects or go slow for a sleek wave from the pendulums and trapezes.

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