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Paris Hilton is all of us when in the kitchen—but probably minus that ageless glow she has after all these years

Paris Hilton has found the fountain of youth. Up until now, she’s still sliving it. This time around, however, she’s grown stronger and wiser but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten to have some fun!

Who would’ve thought that the hot and glamorous superstar would come out with Cooking with Paris on Netflix? She’s not exactly a chef de partie, but one thing's for sure: Paris knows how to run a kitchen with style and keep things colourful. 

1. Snerkle everything, including drinks

Paris will dip her fingers in sticky marshmallows if she has to, just to get a taste of her new food creation. Let’s admit it, we sometimes can’t help but snerkle here and there—especially when it looks tasty—even before it becomes a finished product. And of course, to make things even more exciting—pour yourself your favourite drink while you’re at it.

2. ...And do a happy dance

Who doesn’t feel utter joy in the presence of good food? Not Paris and Demi Lovato. As they both prepare the dishes, Paris sneaks in a taste. Later, she’s swaying and humming a tune beside Demi. “I get excited!” Paris says.

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3. Not a morning person

As she takes a sip of sliv juice from her “Boss Babe” mug, Paris declares with a sigh, “I’m so tired. I’m not a morning person.” And we really felt that. Whether she was up all night partying or working, Paris doesn’t seem the type to wake up early in the morning to enjoy breakfast. But for Kim Kardashian, she’s glad to make an exception and have breakfast in the clouds with her long-time friend.

4. Winging it and sliving it

Paris is not afraid to take risks and that’s what makes her a good fit in the kitchen, although it might cause some hilarious mess-ups. She’s always up for a challenge and knows a few smart (and funny) tips that she shares with the viewers. As Paris says in episode five, “Always have faith that we can do anything.” Now that’s a boss babe. 

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5. Always look “hot”

Paris’s outfits are not quite practical but at least she knows how to pull it off. Nobody really wears lace gloves while cooking or dons big and bold dresses in the grocery store or even touches up in the middle of preparing food while your partner grabs the ingredients. But who says she can’t? 

6. Unbothered

A bit of chaos in the kitchen is what makes the show even more eventful. Paris would agree and appears relaxed amidst it all. The kitchen’s filling up with smoke? That’s fine. Broke the stove knob? Just laugh it off. There’s more that’ll surprise you in each episode and frankly, we love an unbothered queen.

7. Sweet tooth

Forget herbs and spices. Candies, marshmallows, frosting, and edible glitter—everything our parents told us not to eat too much—is all we ever want to keep in the kitchen. Paris has it all stacked neatly in an organised manner at her pantry. If we had a choice, we would probably have it all to ourselves.

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