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Coldplay might have just mastered storytelling in song or video

The British rock band has been making music since 1996, but they only topped the charts for the first time in 2000 after releasing the highly acclaimed Shiver. Since then, Coldplay has remained a hitmaker with anthems like Viva La Vida and Something Just Like This. A decade later, the band has only grown stronger as they continue to release songs including collaborations with Rihanna, Kanye West, The Chainsmokers, and soon—BTS.

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Tatler lists down some of the most memorable music videos Coldplay had ever made that prove why fans have loved the band for so long:

1. The Scientist

Who could ever forget the iconic music video for Coldplay's The Scientist? When you watch it for the first time, you'd think that it's a cool concept. But once you reach the outro, you'll be left thinking otherwise.

When the video was first released in 2002, many were intrigued by its unique visual storytelling. All it took was Jamie Thraves, the director of The Scientist music video, to hear the line "Take me back to the start," in the chorus to start working on what went on to be an emotional work of art.

Tatler trivia: Chris Martin, the band's frontman, wasn't supposed to be in the music video. But Martin didn't mind learning the song backwards to be included in the narrative.

2. Fix You

Directed by Sophie Muller, the Fix You music video shows the band's lead singer singing along to the heart-rendering tune as he heads over to a crowd-filled at Reebok Stadium in Bolton, England, where the rest of the band awaits him.

The venue holds significance as it was where Coldplay had their first stadium performance, making it the right choice for the music video.

Tatler trivia: Fix You was written by Chris Martin for Gwyneth Paltrow when she was trying to cope with her father's death.

3. Adventure of a Lifetime

You can always count on Coldplay to produce unique visuals that will surely enhance your listening experience while enjoying their tracks. This rings true in their Adventure of a Lifetime video directed by Mat Whitecross. 

You might wonder why out of all the ideas, the band decided on having monkeys sing to a Coldplay song. You can thank the heavens for letting Chris Martin and renowned motion capture actor, Andy Serkis meet on a plane, inspiring them to try motion capture for their next music video. The rest was history.

4. Paradise

Coldplay offers something different in their Paradise music video with Mat Whitecross' direction. The storyline was created by Chris Martin and featured the singer in an elephant costume. However, throughout the music video, you'll be able to spot Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion.

The music video depicted his search for paradise, which was later revealed to be a place with his bandmates.

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5. Hymn for the Weekend

Despite getting flak from a few viewers, Coldplay's music video for Hymn for the Weekend has now garnered more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

In the music video, the members of the band are seen wandering the different cities in India, while Beyonce, who sang additional vocals in the track, showed up through a screen while singing along. Indian actress Sonam Kapoor also made an appearance in the music video.

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