Cover Here are the best Chinese New Year displays to see in Hong Kong this 2022

From whimsical lantern displays to installations featuring lucky cats, these Chinese New Year decorations are bound to add a festive flair to your celebrations

The Chinese New Year clock is ticking—from poon choi, puddings, qipaos and red packets—preparation for the festive season is well underway. With social distancing restrictions extended beyond the holidays, our celebrations this year are looking to be different again but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the festive spirit alive.

Travel may be on hold, but there’s a lot to visit right here in Hong Kong, either enjoy a staycation, go on a day trip to one of Hong Kong’s secret islands, visit the traditional villages––or even better, see all the Chinese New Year displays and decorations.

From whimsical lanterns to adorable cartoon character collaborations, we’re listing the best Chinese New Year displays to visit with your family, friends and love ones and welcome the Year of the Tiger.

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1. Prospects Soar as Prosperity Roar, Pacific Place

Pacific Place’s festive display this year is inspired by the picturesque landscapes of traditional Chinese Shan Shui paintings. The decorations illustrate the tiger’s idyllic habitat, resonating with joy and peace.

Complete with peach blossoms, fragrant grass and colourful petals, Pacific Place is welcoming the Year of the Tiger by bestowing best wishes and strength.

When: January 17 to February 13

Where: Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

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2. beautiful: the rhythm of prosperity, ifc mall

ifc mall has created a Chinese New Year installation to usher the joyous occasion, presenting a traditional bazaar decorated with a contemporary spin.

A giant four-metre-tall lantern sits at the centre, adorned with drums which represents an endless flow of luck, fortune and joy. Elegantly crafted wood plaques with Chinese characters are also inlaid on the screens at the sides.

When: January 19 to February 13

Where: Oval Atrium, podium Level 1, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

3. PAWsperity for All, Harbour City

The Ocean Terminal forecourt turns into a lantern pathway, featuring 108 colourful lanterns leading up to the new year. The lanterns have different blessings tied with eight giant wishing knitted balls to wish everyone good luck, wealth and health.

In addition to that, there are 12 golden pillars used to support eight golden circles on the top of the displays. The golden pillars are wrapped with ropes in four colours, similar to the scratching pillar for cats to climb. Meanwhile, the custom-made lanterns are printed with specially designed tiger patterns in red, orange and purple.

When: January 15 to February 15

Where: Ocean Terminal forecourt, Harbour City, 3–27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

4. A Blessing With Every Beat, Mira Place

This year, the fortune cats will make their way to Mira Place to send blessings to Hong Kong and welcome the Year of the Tiger. There will be three fortune cat installations at the mall—the interactive drum of fortune, the fortune cat of wealth and the fortune cat of love.

The number of drumbeats will be displayed on each drum and for every 100 beats, Mira Place will donate one New Year bag to St. James’ Settlement for giveaways to people in need.

When: Until February 15

Where: Atrium, Mira Place 1, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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5. Spring into the New Year, Landmark Atrium

Celebrate the beginning of a new lunar cycle by visiting the Landmark Atrium, where flowers have blossomed from the elegant Chinese vases upon the water fountain in time for spring.

Featuring glistening stripes to represent the Five Tigers, this display invites you and your loved ones to welcome the New Year with joy and good fortune.

When: January 26 to February 14

Where: Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

6. Lucky Meow Garden, New Town Plaza

Cats are sometimes considered a symbol of luck so this festive season, lucky cats will be taking over New Town Plaza for the Lucky Meow Garden installation.

To go with the celebrations, New Town Plaza created a night market to coincide with Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. You can buy a variety of traditional food, products and more.

In addition, there will be a giant cat installation, torii gate and daruma recreations that you can take photos of.

When: January 8 to February 20

Where: New Town Plaza, 18–19 Sha Tin Centre, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

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7. Pingxi Sky Lantern Festiva, Metro Harbour Plaza

This year, several malls including Metro Harbour Plaza joined hands to bring traditional lantern celebrations from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan to Hong Kong.

The installation at Metro Harbour Plaza recreates the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan. The old streets of Shifen are brought to Hong Kong, complete with the iconic railway and train to feel like you’ve travelled to Taiwan.

The railway tunnel is filled with colourful lanterns to evoke a romantic atmosphere for those who visit. Outside the tunnel are yellow neon light signs and a wooden chair that’s inspired by the old Shifen Train Station. Next to the station are sky lanterns inscribed with phrases like bliss, happiness, health and more.

When: January 8 to February 16

Where: Harbour Metro Plaza, 8 Fuk Lee Street, Tai Kok Tsui

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8. Yeongdunghoe in Seoul, Double Cove Place

Continuing to bring lantern festivals to Hong Kong, Double Cove Place has revived one of the most remarkable Korean traditions, Yeondunghoe (a lantern-lighting festival celebrating Buddha’s birthday) this new year.

The tradition dates back to 1300 years from the Silla Kingdom and is deemed a National Intangible Culture Property and remains a big festival for Buddhists.

Recreating this in Hong Kong, Double Cove Place created a tunnel hung with lanterns in a myriad of colours: red for success, yellow for fortune, blue for peace and green for health.

When: January 8 to February 18

Where: Double Cove Place, 8 Wu Kai Sha Road, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

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9. Hoi An Full Moon Festival, Green Code Plaza

For its third stop, Green Code Plaza brings you back in time to ancient Hoi An in Vietnam. The city has been well-preserved and features architecture from around the world with several buildings listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

On the 14th day of the lunar calendar, the streets of Hoi An are flooded with lanterns and Green Code Plaza has brought these blessings to Hong Kong.

When: January 8 to February 18

Where: Green Code Plaza, 1 Ma Sik Road, Fanling, Hong Kong

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10. Akita Kanto Matsuri, Grand Waterfront Plaza

The last stop on this lantern journey is the Grand Waterfront Plaza which has recreated the traditional lantern festival from Japan, Akita Kanto Matsuri. Japan, a well-loved destination for Hongkongers and one of Tohoku’s biggest celebrations is surely a great combination.

Grand Waterfront Plaza is paying tribute to the festival by bringing the breathtaking views of Lake Tazawa’s torii. Surrounding the torii are Japanese pinwheels and a pair of Taiko drums symbolic of the flourishing year ahead.

When: January 8 to February 15

Where: Grand Waterfront Plaza, 38 San Ma Tau Street, Ma Tau Kok, Hong Kong

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11. Tiger Lunar New Year Amusement Park, MCP Central & MCP Discovery

The popular cartoon character, “I’m not a fat tiger” is making its first landing in Hong Kong’s MCP Central and MCP Discovery. The shopping malls will feature a 4.5-metre-tall installation of the cartoon character for its Chinese New Year display.

There will be various sculptures of the character in different, adorable poses for visitors to take pictures of. It’ll surely be a hit with kids and families.

When: January 13 to February 15

Where: MCP Central, 8 Yan King Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

MCP Discovery, 8 Mau Yip Road, Metro City, Hong Kong

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12. Catch the New Year Vibe, Citygate Outlets

Welcome a blissful year at Citygate Outlets’ Chinese New Year display featuring the adorable character, Lan Lan Cat. Ringing in the Year of the Tiger, the mall will transform into a wonderland of cats as Lan Lan Cat appears for the first time in Hong Kong.

The character will greet visitors at six different installations from the Pawful of Fortune, Level-Up Cat Tower, Fish O’flluence and more.

When: January 15 to February 8

Where: The atrium and near cdf Beauty (Shop 275) on L2, Citygate Outlets, 20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung, Hong Kong

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13. Celebrating Wealth, The Whampoa

To celebrate Chinese New Year, The Whampoa invited Finnish artist, Janine Rewell for the first time to design the installation for the shopping mall. The decoration makes use of brightly-coloured lucky cats and incorporates unique artist elements.

At the mall’s entrance, a 1.8-metre-tall lucky cat is waiting for everyone to bring them wealth and good luck.

When: January 15 to February 15

Where: The Whampoa, 10 Shung King Street, Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

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14. Spring Lucky Festival, Landmark North

Another shopping mall bringing in a popular character to Chinese New Year festivities this year. “Ojisan” will be joining Landmark North’s Spring Lucky Festival to send visitors a warm new year blessing.

Debuting in Hong Kong for the first time, the popular character will dress up as different mascots including a cat, a tiger or a nine-tailed fox.

When: January 15 to February 28

Where: Landmark North, 39 Lung Sum Avenue, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong

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15. Yummy Dim Sum House, MOSTown

Celebrate a vibrant year on a delicious note at MOSTown, where the first-ever collaboration between two popular illustration characters, Japan’s Usagyuuun and Hong Kong’s Din-Dong will take place.

The mall will turn into a new year-inspired dim sum house filled with mouthwatering dishes. The two characters will also appear in their very own dim sum looks.

When: January 12 to February 15

Where: MOSTown, 18 On Luk Street, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

16. LEGO Tiger City, East Point City

East Point City is collaborating with LEGO for the first time to bring LEGO Tiger City to Hong Kong. The display features a six-metre-tall Ferris wheel to usher in a year of blessings and fortune.

There will also be a God of Wealth-shaped LEGO figures exhibited for the first time. For kids, there will be three interactive games to enjoy, where you can also redeem Hong Kong-exclusive LEGO sets.

When: January 13 to February 28

Where: East Point City, 8 Chung Wa Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

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17. Flowers Lanterns Appreciation, Plaza Hollywood

Plaza Hollywood’s Chinese New Year display this year features a five-metre-high sculpture called the Dazzling Symphony Carousel in addition to the Hundred Flowers and Lanterns Art Garden.

Flowers play an important role and meaning in festivals while lanterns can represent joy so hanging lanterns is a great way to usher in good luck in the new year. The installation will combine the flowers and lanterns and turn the shopping mall into a spring garden.

When: January 12 to February 15

Where: Plaza Hollywood, 3 Lung Poon Street, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong

18. Tapestry of Luck, Temple Mall

Temple Mall’s Chinese New Year display this year wants to send wishes of peace while also honouring tradition with 12 cloth tigers. These represent a folk craft on China’s list of National Intangible Culture Heritage.

The installation of 12 stuffed mascots is decked in colourful paints, embroideries and paper art. They are also embroidered with auspicious motifs of New Year bouquets on the body and the character for the king on the forehead.

When: January 20 to February 13

Where: Temple Mall, 136 Lung Cheung Road, Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong

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19. Blooming Fortune Art Garden, Lee Gardens

To welcome an energetic year, Lee Gardens has curated a range of vibrant displays for its Blooming Fortune Art Garden. Teaming up with contemporary pop art creator, Hung Yi, visitors will be treated with his colourful creations.

There are five main installations at Lee Gardens, the Floral Garden is where you can take great photos from all angles while the Wishing Wall is where take a spin and create new year blessings for your loved ones. There’s also a 3.5-metre-tall sculpture of a tiger, a festive lantern path and two paper-created fai chun.

When: January 20 to February 15

Where: 1/F atrium, G/F Kai Chiu Road, Hysan Place, G/F Lee Theatre Plaza and G/F Lee Garden One, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

20. Contemporary Calligraphy Art Display, Kolour in Tsuen Wan & Kolour in Yuen Long

This upcoming Chinese New Year, Kolour in Tsuen Wan and Kolour in Yuen Long have invited calligraphist, Chui Pui-chee to present his masterpieces and apply his skills to create eye-catching fai chun with cool expressions as part of the malls’ 3D exhibition area.

The displays combine old and new visual elements that creatively blend artistic traditions with modern aesthetics. In addition to the fai chun, there will also be a 3D display of Chinese brush paintings on the first and second floors of Kolour Tsuen Wan while refined calligraphic artworks will be exhibited on the ground floor of Kolour Yuen Long.

When: Until February 20

Where: 1/F and 2/F of Kolour Tsuen Wan, 68 Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

G/F lobby of Kolour Yuen Long, 1 Kau Yuk Road, Yuen Long

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