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These are the South Korean dramas you should add to your must-watch list this month

As the year races to a close, our favourite streaming sites have banded together to release some of their biggest and most highly anticipated Korean dramas thus far.

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From Summer Strike, a languid and romantic drama about a heartbroken girl who uproots her life to start over in a remote village, to Behind Every Star, a Korean adaptation of the French drama Dix Pour Cent that details the lives and stories of celebrity managers of a fictional entertainment management company, there is much to get excited for this month. 

Below, we round up our top K-drama picks for the month. 

1. Reborn Rich

Above Reborn Rich (2022) Official Trailer

Adapted from a web novel of the same name, Reborn Rich is a story about the rich and how far families will go to protect their wealth. 

Yoon Hyun Woo has been working at a family-run conglomerate for the past few years. Despite his years of loyal service to the family, he is accused of embezzlement when the family runs into trouble. 

Desperate to protect his family, the youngest son murders Yoon. However, things get interesting when Yoon comes back to life in the body of Do Joon, intent on getting revenge. 

The series will star Song Joong Ki, who will take on two leading character roles.

Release date: November 18, on Viu

2. Summer Strike

Above Summer Strike Trailer

This one is for all our empaths and romance lovers out there. Summer Stike follows the life of Lee Yeo Reum, who finds herself sad and lonely after a traumatic breakup and the sudden loss of her mother. 

Unable to bounce back, she decides to uproot her life and start over in a small village, far from the city. As she embarks on her journey of rediscovery, she meets a librarian with a stutter. As she begins to get closer to him, she also starts to learn more about herself.

Release date: November 23, on Viu

3. Behind Every Star

Above Call My Agent Trailer

Behind Every Star is an upcoming South Korean romantic comedy series that is an adaptation of the French drama, Dix Pour Cent. The series was written by Park So Young and directed by Baek Seung Ryong.

It details the lives and stories of celebrity managers at a fictional entertainment management company and how they survive in the cut-throat industry. 

Release date: November 7, on Netflix

4. Revenge of Others

Above Revenge of Others | Official Trailer | Disney+

Ok Chan Mi and her twin brother are in their last year of high school when her brother is mysteriously found dead. While the police rule out his death as a suicide, Ok believes that her brother was bullied and subsequently murdered. 

Ok decides to take justice into her own hands and begins to plot an elaborate revenge plan 

Release date: November 9, on Disney+

5. The Fabulous

Above The Fabulous | Official Teaser | Netflix

Starring Minho from South Korean boy band Shinee, The Fabulous is a Netflix series that tracks the lives of Woo Min, a freelance retoucher and Ji Eun who leads a fashion advertising agency. 

The show depicts the intense and political world of the fashion industry where expectations are high and competition is rife. 

Release date: November 4, on Netflix

6. The First Responders

Above The First Responders (2022) Official Teaser Trailer

An epic police force teaming up with firefighters to solve an action-packed crime? Yes, please. 

In this drama, starring Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun and Gong Seung Yeon, Ho Gae is a detective who is fantastic at his job. He is forced to join hands with Do Jin, a passionate firefighter as the pair solve crimes around the city.

Release date: November 12, on Netflix


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