We list down 10 creative forces making waves in the fields of photography and videography these days

Tatler celebrates the visionaries—from the powerful to the disruptive, the established to the up-and-coming—who are shaping the country's cultural future

1. Tarzeer Pictures


The Philippine art community can trust this gallery and creative production company to provide supplemental resources when it comes to the development of photo and video-based arts. The group aims to grow a collection of contemporary art projects in the country through their new digital space, Tarzeerpictures.com. Its co-directors—Dinesh Mohnani, Enzo Razon and Gio Panlilio—are always on the lookout for projects and artists that highlight the beauty of the busy streets of the metro. Among Tarzeer Pictures’ remarkable projects is Elementos, a video collaboration with Steps Dance Studio and Fifth Wall Fest, the Philippines’ first international dance film festival.

Here's Why You Should Know Tarzeer Pictures

2. Regine David


A champion of contemporary photography, she displays enough courage to reveal her vulnerability in her pieces, a style that continues to draw many admirers of her art. Fever Dream, her first Risograph-based photo book through Bad Student Press, sold out after it was released by Printed Matter Inc in New York. She continues to contribute to the development of her art, which has found a growing number of peers.

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3. Sonny Thakur


When not snapping captivating portraits or beautiful F&B layouts, you may find him cooking up a storm, rock-climbing, or exploring. “Well-travelled, well-fed and well-bred,” he teases. His list of clients comprises major international publications, hotels and notable brands, but he has made a name for himself as a top food photographer in the Philippines, capturing images so appetisingly, you can almost taste them. With a long list of fascinating subjects under his belt, he still says, “I’ll always be most proud of the portraits of my family.”

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4. BJ Pascual


As one of the most sought-after Filipino celebrity photographers, his works, which are often inspired by artists like David Bowie, Robert Mapplethrope, David Byrne, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, the musician Prince and more, exude enigmatic and attention-grabbing beauty. It would perhaps be a safe bet that his works have already become the standard of most fashion and beauty magazines in the country, evident in the number of times his name has appeared in well-respected glossy pages.

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5. Lit Lab Studios


This digital creation company is composed of young and creative artists who seek to inspire and empower through simple yet powerful storytelling. Patrick Martin, its founder and CEO, initially wanted to provide educational tourism videos for the Philippines but branched out to lifestyle projects that revolve around the latest trends on beauty, fashion and fast-moving consumer goods. When it comes to inspirational videos and infographics, trust Martin and his pool of diverse individuals to bring forth materials that leave impressive marks.

6. Xyza Cruz Bacani


At 19, she first moved to Hong Kong to become a domestic worker. Now, she is an internationally acclaimed photographer, renowned for sombrely chronicling issues of labour migration and human rights. Underscoring the stories of those otherwise underrepresented, she has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, and many more, decorated with a slew of accolades including a Pulitzer Center grant and inclusion in the BBC 100 Women list.

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7. Renzo Navarro


Ethereal is how people may describe his photographs, perhaps because he looks to paintings when seeking inspiration. The Ballet Positions, First to Fifth, one of his proudest works, attest to the photographer’s natural flair. “It was five images of paper planes each partially folded to represent movement and, coincidentally, the five basic positions of ballet,” says Navarro.

8. Mark Nicdao


The premier photographer of his generation, he draws inspiration from film directors, visual artists and fellow photographers across the planet. His detail-obsessed approach empowers him to build a world of intimacy with every photo, one that effortlessly bewitches his audience with curiosity and infatuation. Recognised as a vanguard in his field, he recently leapt into the sphere of visual and multimedia arts, an intimidating but fruitful crusade for the humble, adventure-seeking artist.

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9. Francisco "Paco" Guerrero


This photographer/director is a master at telling stories through his craft. A pensive man, he wants to get to the why behind every brand, subject and assignment, capturing significant moments in time, from the monumental to the minute, through his perspective-changing documentary, editorial and commercial projects. When discussing why he is in love with photography, he remarks, “In a very specific moment you can [chronicle] something that speaks to almost everybody on the planet. Very few things can do that—to capture attention and imagination so directly.”

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10. Hannah Reyes Morales


There is tenderness amidst adversity; just take a look at her photographs. This brilliant young photographer explores different themes with depth and willingness to learn about colonisation of women’s bodies in the Philippines, among many others. Recently, she has been commissioned by the Nobel Peace Center for this year’s exhibition.

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