Tell your story through the lens of this new-on-the-scene creative agency, founded by three young talents.

Enzo Razon, Gio Panlilio and Dinesh Mohnani are the trio behind the brand new, Tarzeer Pictures. This creative content agency is not only involved in producing client driven work, but also acts as a gallery, curating pop-up shows that will include a variety of art by talented innovators.

Their mission is to celebrate their home, our country, the Philippines: its craftsmanship, culture, and creative spirit. Tarzeer aims to achieve this through photo, video, and exhibition productions. Enzo, Gio and Dinesh, on this new chapter in their lives, strive to showcase the Philippines’ development, evolving taste, character and unique traits through their growing body of work.

The goal: document stories and experiences that delves into relevant issues, handmade processes, and cultural identity – topics with meaning and purpose that will resonate with its viewers.

Why you should know Tarzeer Pictures:

Its founders, Enzo, Gio, and Dinesh are young, internationally educated, open minded individuals who are wildly creative and consistently hard working. All three of them are eager to learn, passionate, skilled and are always ready to hit the ground running. With their fingers on the pulse of pop culture, an awareness of current affairs and historical facts, combined with the team’s fresh perspective, sophisticated and contemporary taste level, plus their ability to take risks, Tarzeer Pictures will surely stand out amongst the crowd.

Who is Enzo Razon?

Enzo is an artist working across a wide range of mediums, including film, photography, painting, and production design. His experimental films have screened at Cannes Film Festival, and he recently mounted his first solo exhibit of photography and ink drawings in Manila, called Fur On Fire And The Children Of The Corn. He has also shown pieces at Provenance Art Gallery.

Who is Gio Panlilio?

As an avid and meticulous documentary street photographer, Gio has shared his work over numerous workshops at the prestigious International Center of Photography in New York. Recently, Gio collaborated with Antoine D’agata and Matt Stuart from the world-renown journalism agency, Magnum Photography. Previously, he worked as a financial analyst at UniCredit Bank in New York.

Who is Dinesh Mohnani? 

Dinesh has worked as a senior level creative producer at New York-based content agency MATTE Projects. He produced campaigns and experiential activations for Google, Tiffany & Co., Helmut Lang, Anne Klein, La Mer, Snapchat, Jeep, and The Wall Street Journal. He also worked for The Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Salcedo Auctions.

Get to know Tarzeer Pictures a little bit more by reading on:


Why did you name the company Tarzeer? Tell me a little bit about what it means?

Tarzeer is a riff on the Tarsier Monkey, a widely recognizable Filipino symbol with huge, prominent eyes — lenses like ours into the subjects and environments we want to document. We like the Tarsier as a symbol for our visual work.

How did you three realize you wanted to collaborate and start this endeavour?

It is as simple as we’re really good friends who share similar tastes, curiosities, and values. However, we have different skills and very different approaches, but always with the same ambition. We’re extremely comfortable with each other, and we complement each other.

When you describe Tarzeer's mission, you guys say “socially responsible and socially committed” work is your goal — what does that mean to you? 

The core of our work is documenting Filipino craftsmanship, culture, and creative spirit. When you’re doing commercial work, many times the work ends up becoming one-sided. What we set out to do is ensure we work with like-minded clients and creatives who share our mission to tell well-balanced and respectful stories that always keep the subjects at heart. To us being socially committed means we do our research, we ensure the proper context, and we take the time to listen and learn from our subjects.

Describe your aesthetic in three words?

Dinesh: Tailored, Crisp, Textured

Enzo: Instinctive, Stylized, Free

Gio: Observational, Compassionate, Formal

What would you say Tarzeer’s style is? How do each of your own aesthetics complement that of Tarzeer?

In broad strokes, our approach is defined by our desire to highlight makers and creators of the country. Our subjects are our ‘bidas' no matter what, and what we try to do is craft an aesthetic for each project that enhances the story we want to tell.

There are many beautiful stories to be told here in the Philippines — what are some dream subjects or topics you would love to unpack and focus on?

Karaoke and Filipino Drag Culture.

Introducing: “BARADO”

Tarzeer Pictures Gallery is hosting its first ever exhibition! The show opens at 4pm on Saturday, 21 April 2018 and runs through Saturday, 19 May 2018 at 2288 Chino Roces Ave. Ext., Makati, Metro Manila.

BARADO will feature photography, video, animation, and paintings by Jappy Agoncillo, Jose Alvarez, FurOnFire, Lakantula, Gio Panlilio, Jaqueline Pisano, Jono Duran Pisano, Martin San Diego, and Alex Westfall. 


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