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With only 8,888 NFTs minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, Lioncolony's new NFT series is already turning heads

NFTs are gaining popularity at an increasingly rapid pace and our Singaporean artists certainly understand that with Shavonne Wong selling famed Hollywood actor Idris Elba his first NFT in January and Singaporean artist Hafiiz Karim selling over 100 pieces of art worth over US$100,000 a piece in a day thanks to the technology. 

Now, Lioncolony, a company based in Singapore and founded by artist Oh Jia Hao, has launched his first NFT entitled, The Other Side.

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The story goes that the NFTs, or Moonwalkers as they are referred to, have been discovered on The Other Side of the moon. Only 8,888 Moonwalkers have been discovered with 1,788 of them being christened Celestial, a rarer form of his NFT. 

The NFTs, which feature Oh’s signature realistic visualisations and 3D loops, are reflective of the artist’s signature vibrant colour schemes and surreal designs. 

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Oh learned about NFTs when Makersplace—a market to collect and invest in rare and authentic digital artworks—was just starting out and decided to create an NFT after he was approached by one of his partners. 

“I was toying with the idea of creating an NFT for my bears initially actually,” Oh explained. Oh is well known for his gummy bear figures that typically wear a pair of sunglasses and that are placed in front of a psychedelic backdrop.

When his partner approached him, he decided to try something new with The Other Side.

“We wanted to create something unique so we thought about the concept of inner expressions that would come out of skulls. We also wanted them to look fashionable so that they would be relatable to the real world,” explained Oh when asked how he conceptualised the art. “We were influenced by various artists but mostly by the fashion scene,” he added before adding that the NFT was born from a partnership between Lioncolony and The Other Lab.

Oh started the project in October last year however, he quickly found that it was harder than he expected to get the right look he wanted for the NFTs.

“The process took us quite a while and it took us around three to four weeks to just get the look we wanted. It was only when we landed on a style we were happy with that we implemented the clothes that we wanted the characters to wear as well as the inner expressions we wanted them to have,” Oh explained. 

The collection has since been launched on Opensea where it is being snapped up by collectors. 

“NFTs are definitely the future because it paves the way for a new generation of creators to create digital and physical assets with different levels of creativity that focuses on Web3,” Oh said. 

He added that Lioncolony is looking forward to continuing to bring out the fun side of the brand and they will be creating more NFTs in the near future. 

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