Cover Desa Kampung Endah Library, a children's library in Selangor (Photo: GARISPXL.CO/Instagram)

Get to know these cool community libraries and off-the-grid book cafes

Note: Please check the opening hours and health SOPs at the respective locations during the NRP

Raja Tun Uda Library

Though temporarily closed until March 4, 2021, the Raja Tun Uda Library in Shah Alam is still keeping busy delivering books to members during the lockdown via its 'BooksFly2U' initiative and offering e-book downloads through its website.

Located by a serene lake, this swanky six-floor building boasts comprehensive collections of children's and adults' books alongside modern facilities like a 3D theatre, a gymnasium, an open-air café, virtual reality rooms and a creative zone.        

Opening hours after MCO 2.0: Mondays (10am - 7pm), Tuesdays to Sundays (9.30am - 7pm)

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The National Library

Located along the bustling Jalan Tun Razak, the National Library is not only beautiful to behold from the outside, with its striking roof tiles resembling the patterns of kain songket, a traditional handwoven fabric. It's also packed with a variety of resources and archives hard to find at many other libraries, including copies of old newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. The National Library is also currently closed until March 4, 2021 due to the MCO.

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Desa Kampung Endah Library

A project by the Selangor Public Library Corporation (Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor), this small children's library in Kampung Endah was recently revamped by architectural firm Eleena Jamil Architect from its original structure spanning just 100sf to a bright, modern and cosy space for young readers. 

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Bukit Damansara Community Library

You've probably driven past this white corner building along Jalan Beingin in Damansara Heights but chances are you are unaware of its purpose. It's actually a community library that also houses a small cafe, 16 Tea House, that serves a mix of Asian and Western dishes. The library is temporarily closed due to the MCO but visitors can call 03-2011 0811 for updatyes once movement restrictions ease.       

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays (9am - 5pm)

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The Kuala Lumpur Library

Reopened since February 23 this year, the KL Library is another spacious book lover's haven within walking distance to some of the most popular attractions in the city, including the Merdeka Square. At the moment, the library allows for the borrowing and returning of books, and members are currently not advised to linger for a read just yet. Stay tuned for updates on SOPs and more by following KL Library's Facebook page. 

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays (10am - 5pm)

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Independent bookstore Tintabudi also considers itself a small library, specialising in humanities books. Head on over to this small, peaceful spot in Kampung Attap's famous Zhongshan Building for its rustic bookshelves brimming with soulful reads on philosophy, history, society, the arts and more.    

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays (11am - 7pm)

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Book Barter Café

If you're in the mood to update your reading list spontaneously, book cafes are a great place to start. Book Barter Café in Cyberjaya's Tamarind Square is a gorgeous treehouse-inspired eatery that lets patrons engage in book exchanges over cups of coffee and the occasional slice of Salted Almond Caramel Crepe Cake. 

Opening hours: Daily, 9am - 6pm 

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Bukku Café

Rustic indoor and outdoor seating, hearty meals, book exchanges and plenty of cakes and coffee to go around—Bukku Café in Setia Alam is a picture-perfect place to unwind with a good book in hand. 

Opening hours: Daily, 10am - 5pm 

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Me Time Book Café

How often does a café let you have some alone time to curl up with a book? Yet that's exactly what this book cafe promises. Inspired by Tokyo's unique Book and Bed hospitality concept, Me Time Book Café at The Square in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, offers books, food, and dedicated privacy pods with bean bags and mini tables to relax with a book or even take a nap. Showers facilities are also available. 

Opening hours: Daily, 11am - 8pm   

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Ink Library Café

For those who prefer light reading (and heavy eating), here's one for your Insta-worthy café-hopping adventures: Ink Library Café is located at Grandeur Labs in Puncak Alam, a library-themed coffee shop that serves up a dizzying array of delightful pasta dishes along with magazines and books.  

Opening hours: Daily, 10am - 9.30pm

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