Cover 35 mm film photos by photographer Natalia Laurrari. Check out this exhibition at Grounded before it ends on April 1, 2022

Catch the latest works of established and emerging artists in this exciting lineup of exhibitions you shouldn't miss this month

Galerie Stephanie

Talents converge this month as the global sensation and Indonesian pop-surrealist artists Roby Dwi Antono and fast-rising Mark Jeffrey Santos more popularly known as Mr S come together at Galerie Stephanie. The exhibit directs our attention to the alluring world of surreal art through "Intensity, Intimately" and "Reflections by Mr S"—simultaneous solo exhibitions from April 2 to 17 that highlight the work of these celebrated artists respectively.

“Intensity, Intimately”, Antono’s second solo show in the Philippines, shines the spotlight on his inclinations toward iconic Japanese characters such as the Kaiju, a type of monster similar to Godzilla that is either an antagonist or protagonist. The artist uses the duality of the Kaiju as a mythical creature and expounds on this concept through the lens of a child.

Mr S, began his career in video and film until he found his way into becoming the rising visual artist we know today. Dubbed by some as the new ‘it boy’ of art, his creations are steeped in fantasy, and usually reflect wide-eyed characters in a dream-like setting expressed through brilliant techniques in constructing imaginary and surreal scenes.

In "Reflections", he shows how society affects the way we live our lives and how the norms—the unwritten ‘rules’ that society bestows upon its inhabitants—contribute to our fears. In his quest to acknowledge human nature’s longing for acceptance, Mr S touches on the manner in which we adhere to what others dictate and compromise our authentic selves.

Thombayan Art Space

Award-winning visual artist Thomas Daquioag is known for his topsy-turvy treasure trove of found arcana, reusable furniture, and discarded family mementoes in Makati's bohemian corner of Bangkal. His penchant for art restoration and holding community art workshops has made him one of the revered artists of his generation.

With this, he opens Thombayan, an artist-run gallery space as an addition to Bangkal's distinctive charm, where artists render captivating contemporary works that "retell the stories of our confusing times". 

For its inaugural show, Thombayan invites fellow art lovers to see from March 26 to April 26 the "Hari-Harian" exhibition. It features the works of Daquioag's friends and colleagues like Renato Habulan (the show's curator), Mark Justiniani, Elmer Borlongan, Emmanuel Garibay, Ferdie Montemayor, Jim Orencio, Plet Bolipata, Pandy Aviado, Wire Tuazon, and former Venice Biennale participating artists Jose Tence Ruiz and Alfredo Aquilizan.

Thombayan, 1154-A Rodriguez Street, Bangkal, Makati City, +63915 982 5694

Galleria Duemila

In his latest solo exhibition, CCP Thirteen Artists award recipient of 1994 Jonathan Olazo showcases his take on abstraction with a suite of acrylic paintings, in an attempt for the said artistic movement to redeem itself from being mere decoration in hotels. Entitled, "The Hotel Painter 2", an exhibition that captures Olazo's lyrical approach to abstraction and takes inspiration from real-life objects, references to art, literature, music, and more.

When the pandemic started two years ago, the son of the late renowned painter Romulo Olazo has remained committed to the practice and decided to convert his small room into a makeshift studio. It became his sanctuary, a space where he strived to paint daily, adhering to an axiom he gleaned from Roberto Chabet, his mentor while he was pursuing Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines. Chabet wrote, "A brushstroke is a gesture of the mind." For Olazo, this quote has guided him as a painter to always start with a single mark and proceed layer by layer.

Anchored and moved by abstract art's promise, Olazo takes us back to a familiar place to rediscover its undiminished potential. The exhibition is open from April 7 to 30.


As part of the Art Fair Philippines 2022, Grounded Holistic Arts and Culture Studio continues its exhibition series "States of Cadence". This multi-sensory show about the timelessness and infinite evolution of the human spirit features the works of 20 artists from its Grounded Artist Network Program and captivating photographs from Camille Robiou du Pont, and other artistic works from Maddie Camcam, Lucia Fischer, Ana Abigail, and Toph Camcam.

Launched at Karrera Showroom, a vintage car showroom and cafe in Alabang, "States of Cadence II" will run until April 1 only. This might be your last chance to participate in its fundraiser for schools in Siargao Island affected by Typhoon Odette. A portion of the proceeds from the exhibition will be dedicated to Grounded's partner beneficiary, Oceanus Conservation.

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Altro Mondo

Running until April 23, catch the latest works of Tammy de Roca and Olivia d'Aboville in their solo exhibitions at Altro Mondo Creative Space in Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati, as well as the group exhibition "Marchin' Forward" featuring ENim, Otto Neri, Grandier Bella, Nybal, Myk Velasco, Froilan Galpo, Jepoy Sario, and Waldz Villanueva.

D'Aboville, in her exhibition "Kaleidoscope", showcases textured fabrics, which are fragmented pieces of silk stitched together and manipulated through shibori and appliqué techniques. Rendering a prismatic sea of colours, D'Aboville's exhibition captures her waves of feelings and emotions while being at home during the pandemic. It is a subtle ode to being a mother and the tumultuous feelings that come with the role.

Meanwhile, De Roca's "Where We Land" is a series inspired by Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse. Using a single viewpoint, the series is like a memory progressing in motion and is split into different iterations. With paintings and glass sculptures, the exhibition showcases De Roca's exploration of textures and how our perception of appearances and images is challenged or supported by what textures represent.


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