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Unleash your creativity at the many art jam studios located here

After a year fraught with restrictive regulations, the art community is regaining its momentum. 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace is the latest vibrant art hub that is quickly gaining popularity among Singaporeans. Once a police barrack, the compound has recently become home to many new local art jam studios that recently settled in at the end of last year.  

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With walls teeming with colourful graffiti and greek statues strewn all around the compound, the colonial-style mansion is the perfect hippie hangout spot for a spontaneous get-together with your friends.

Art Jamming is a form of art therapy that is recently gaining popularity in Singapore, a way to channel negative feelings into your artistic endeavour. Relieve stress and let your inner artist shine as you engage in these fun and meaningful sessions. Gather with your friends or loved ones to make some wonderful memories together. 

1. Pottery

Love the soothing texture of wet clay coupled with the soft hum of the potter’s wheel? The Potter's Guilt offers therapeutic pottery sessions that make for a great way to spend your weekends. As pottery is becoming more popular in Singapore, this is definitely a good chance for you to experience something new. The studio offers a variety of workshops across a range of difficulty levels, from the Pottery Do-It-All for beginners to the Pottery on the Wheel Experience for avid potters. The studio also offers an art jam session that can also be a great team-bonding activity for you and your co-workers. 

2. Pseudo Tattooing

State of Shiok is an art jam studio that is also gaining a lot of traction. It stands out from the rest due to its unique choice of medium: fake skin, a material that most of us common folks cannot easily get our hands on. At State of Shiok, you can get the rare chance of trying out pseudo tattooing on your own. Let your creativity take the reins as you have fun experimenting with this unique material. A great way to relieve stress from the overwhelming workload from school or work. 

3. Tarot Reading

These days, spirituality and witchcraft are becoming increasingly popular amongst millennials through the popularisation of it through WitchTok, a thriving community on TikTok.   

If you are into all that, be sure to make your way over to The Metaphysics Alliance where you can get a tarot reading from Angeline Kim-Kyna Tan Homberge, a grand reiki master, healer and spiritual practitioner who has been certified by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. 

The centre combines decades of experience and the best of Eastern and Western metaphysical approaches to offer you a range of consultations, courses, workshops, therapy sessions that are designed to help you gain clarity and find your true purpose. Thoughtfully customised for your needs, these sessions are not for the sceptics. 

4. Taxidermy Workshop

Black Crow Taxidermy is the only commercial taxidermy studio in Singapore that offers workshops that truly make for a novel experience for you and your friends. Choose from a myriad of ethically and sustainably sourced taxidermy products which are all handcrafted by the studio. If you want to partake in this activity with your child, fret not. The studio also offers children friendly workshops such as the Butterfly Dome Workshop that is very suitable for kids. The workshops are also fully guided with all materials provided for. And of course at the end of it, you will be able to bring back with you your handcrafted creation.

5. Metalsmith Workshop

Ever wished to create your own personalised metal jewellery? Head down to Clink Clank Clunk, a metalsmith studio where you can handcraft your own rings or metal wear with your significant other or friends. This unique experience allows you to create unique pieces while adding a personal touch. 

Designed to be fun and experiential, the studio hopes to share with others the joys of creating one’s own jewellery. Novices are also welcome to join the sessions and no prior experience is required. You can be sure that you will be guided throughout the session and that your instructor will be there to help at any time.

6. Kult Yard

Last but not least, indulge in the scrumptious dishes cooked up by Kult Yard. Stay until the evening and head down to this cafe which has outdoor seats where you can enjoy good music, delicious food and refreshing drinks—all while taking in the ambience of the historically rich compound. 

The vibrant graffiti-filled spot is the perfect mood-setter for a Friday night. Pro tip: be sure to also keep a lookout for special events taking place there. 


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